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Anyone attend yesterday's Legal Scholars Day at UoP McGeorge? I went since they offered to pay for my flight/hotel & transportation. I originally wasn't very keen on the school, I didn't know much about the Sacramento area, nor had I heard very much about the school itself at all. What I had heard was that it was in a bad area, etc.

After attending Legal Scholars Day, I find myself strongly considering UoP. It was remarkably impressive, I thought. The day was spent touring the facilities, meeting faculty/students, sitting in on classes, etc. Probably about 100 other prospective students there (all accepted to UoP of course). I was especially impressed with the community. It seems like everyone there is so friendly, the students know all the staff, and vice versa. They were so happy to answer questions and just, in general, likeable. I haven't felt this way when visiting other schools.

The campus was surprisingly pretty, despite being more or less an island in the middle of a ghetto. But security was impressive, and very friendly. I didn't feel unsafe at all, nor would I knowing that they're there 24/7. It seems there are plenty of "nearby" living options that are affordable and NOT in the ghetto as well. Parking is good compared to other schools I'm familiar with, and best of all, free if you're a student/faculty.

Guess I just wnated to see if any others are as impressed with them as I am who might have attended this week, or will be attending next weeks Legal Scholars Day. Post your thoughts!

I've applied to about 18 schools and am complete at most. I have decisions from 4 or so, and expect more soon. I was wait-listed at Seattle and in the wait-list letter they requested more information, such as an addendum or letter of recommendation. I secured both, however, my letter I wrote I feel is particularly powerful. Much more so than my original PS, so much that I wish I had this as my PS instead of just being an addendum.

My question is, can I send the letter to other schools without them having requested it? Will it seem desperate? The letter is more or less a personal statement, only provides a lot more information about why I'm a good law-school candidate. I really believe this letter could turn the tide at some schools where I'm on the edge, IF and ONLY if it's not viewed in a potentially negative "desperate" light.

Any ideas? =/

Law School Admissions / Seattle U "Decision mailed 2/7/05"
« on: February 09, 2005, 06:36:52 PM »
According to their online application status page, it seems SU has mailed my decision this past Monday. Anyone else get SU decisions this week or are expecting one? I'm extremely stressed out about it, as it is my #1 "feasible" choice. My LSAT is above average there (163) but my GPA is way below, 2.68 (2.55 LSAC, I included an addendum). Anyone care to speculate on what that decision will be? Also, is it possible to ask the school to consider me for part-time admission if I'm not accepted for full-time, or is that something they recommend automatically, or is that a "wait til next year" kind of thing?

Law School Admissions / Go ahead and tell me the bad news.
« on: December 09, 2004, 10:21:21 AM »
I've sent out a bunch of applications. More will be sent, and I think I've sent to a number of dream, fair chance and safety schools. I'm not a URM, but my stats are 2.6/163. I had some traumatic occurrences in my life in my first two years of college, aside from working near full time to support myself, and my GPA showed a constantly upward trend until I graduated. My last three semesters were 3.5+ gpa wise, but not enough to bring me over a 2.6 - Do I have a chance anywhere respectable? I emphasized all of my poor GPA reasons in my statements & essays, and I got a couple of AMAZING LORs from professors, very lucky. But I'm still VERY worried. My #1 realistic (i think) choice is Seattle University. Here are my other prospects:

Michigan State University (Safety, I'm from the area and have contacts in the office)
University of Michigan (Dream, dad's an alumni, worth a shot right? maybe they'll accidently put mine in the accept pile instead of the reject pile!)
Suffolk University (fair chance maybe?)
Lewis & Clark (fair chance, probably more of a reach?)
Oregon U (no clue)
Hamline U (fair chance)
William Mitchell (fair chance)
University of Washington (Dream)
Seattle U (hopefully fair chance, please!!!)

My index at Seattle is a 194. I calculated the 75/25 indexes at 199/189. Do I have a chance?

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