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I don't need a church to communicate with God.  She and I are tight enough as it is.  But, if I were looking for one, I certainly would pick one that embodies values that I respect (and I would surmise any deity respects as well) -- equality, love, compassion, etc, like perhaps the Unitarians.

I'm glad you've found that connection.  I think a relation to a power higher then ourselves is important -- in whatever form it comes.

LOL :D  Are you and Lane related? You are so similar.


No, you cannot have the priesthood.  Its not a perfect church.  If you find one let me know.

Wait List / Re: BYU Wait List
« on: March 31, 2005, 08:37:14 PM »
That showes the index of all minorities enrolled then the name of the largest singular population, then the percentage of that population.  But yes, that is the % of all minorities in the total population of a given school.

Yeah, Man can do some really deplorable things in the name of God huh.  And, no you being a woman would present no problem at all for you being allowed to join the faith.

1978 was the date that the Church allowed Black men to have the priesthood.  We could always be members.  This was a religious not a legal decision.  In the US a religion can, for the most part, run itself in ways that would violate civil law.

I don't care if mine is the only raised Black fist in a sea of 30,000 white people.  I'll hold it up unabashedly.  Mormonism detracts not a bit from my pride in my race.

P.S. - PISL must be on to me I got something in the mail today.

LOL, no, BYU.  The loan thing was interesting.  But, I don't think it's for me.  A non-ABA spin off of a school which itsn't all that great anyway?  I just wanted to see what people thought.  I am in a bad spot with only one admit (WNEC) and just atarting to gather alternates.

Wait List / Re: BYU Wait List
« on: March 31, 2005, 02:01:29 PM »

Yeah, there are not manny of us walking around.  The Action Report is a tabulation (provided by LSAC to your UGrad) that tells you which schools students from your institution applied to.  For each school you get the average GPA and LSAT score of all those who applied, the same numbers for all those who got in, and finally, the same numbers for all those who actually went.  You also get the number of admitted students who got other offfers.  Call your Pre-law Advisment Center.

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