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I didn't either.  LOL, maybe just Quinnipiac apps.  ;)

Yes, but if I need my Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) kick I’ll watch Boston Legal (love it!) or Murphy Brown on Nick at Night.  I love these shows in the same way I love the Simpsons or the “reality” TV or ER.  They’re FAKE and that’s that.  I think it’s sad that so many pre-laws think that the L&O series is real that Quinnipiac had to send out a flyer saying something to the effect of “the life of a REAL lawyer is nothing like the lives of the FAKE lawyers you see on TV shows like L&O”

Tivo be blessed.  Tonight's was good.

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Ohio State
« on: March 09, 2005, 12:40:28 AM »
I thought you got into OSU already... you could try the e-mail account trick.

p.s. - when did they say they had all of your documents (i.e. lsat/lors)

Law School Applications / Re: lgbt box?
« on: March 07, 2005, 11:35:39 PM »
Being a black relatively liberal person at this school makes me a minority among minorities (there must be like 5 people like me at a university of 30,000). I've learned a lot about being myself -- for me not for "them".

I would only encourage you to kneel down before your God, tap into the relationship which you (as a Christian) should have established with him through your worship.  Figure out if you coming out makes you less of a Christian or less of a child of God or less loved in His eyes.  Screw the rest of the world, He's all that matters.

If you are going to come out then I think your views as a gay man will add to the classroom discussion at your schools.  Sure, write an addendum.  But if you're going to stay closeted then you're not going to add the "gay perspective" and if you may be too uncomfortable to even fight for gay rights after law school.  If this is the case then it's unfair for you to represent yourself as sharing the characteristics, experiences, and aspirations of a member of the GLBT community.  Hey, better yet, if you choose not to come out then you could write a follow-up letter talking about your life as a closeted gay Christian.

Some considerations. It seems difficult to write anything at this point without sounding like "Oh, by the way, I'm gay so you should let me in." so be creative… let us know what you decide.

On an coincidental side note, Trembling Before God (a documentary about gay orthodox Jews) came on while I wrote this to you.  Atanyrate, good luck.

Yes, well said Counselor.

I also agree, that "'This' girl" should not get a boost from AA.  But, can we also agree that this girl (more likely than not) would not require such a boost.  Her parents probably didn’t allow for the possibility of her not attending school, and a good one at that.  She was probably educated at the better schools in the community.  Her community didn’t really have an issue with drug use and gangs.  Her LSAT scores make her competitive for T14, and if she wasn’t up to par on her practice test, she bought a good score through a prep course.

Sure, there are lazy Blacks out there just as there are lazy Whites, but shouldn’t be allow for the off abuse of the system in order to accommodate the more imidiate and pressing issue of providing a chance for those who were not given then same chances as “’this’ girl”?


I think that because of past injustices many Blacks have failed to breach the boundary that separates the lower and middle classes.  I think that because of this a disproportionate number of Blacks are subject to an under funded education which fails to develop those two fundamental skills you spoke about.  I think that there are social factors that are a result of past and present injustices which cause many Blacks to fail in their primary education. Now, in addressing issues of higher education those Blacks that cannot benefit from Ugrad AA may end up at a sub-par institution which ill prepares them to perform well on the LSAT.   GPA’s are effected by the unstable foundation which poor primary educations create.

Is this the case for all Black people… NO!  But these are the realities for many.  Most certainly there is a cultural aspect which disvalues education in the black community which contributes to the underachievement of the race.  I think it is horrid that ideals of victimism and failure are propagated in the community from one generation to another.  But you think that those things originate with a fundamental genetic difference?  Absolutely not.  These are the effects of being told that you are too lowly or stupid to vote.  These are the effects of generations of denied education and employment.

As a Black man I would do away with AA.  But in order for that to happen we have to address issues which effect the race in general way before college is even considered.  Again, AA is not the best solution to address issues of social injustice which effect the race in general, but until we as a society agree to get just as angry about the injustices we create as the injustices which AA creates then the issue will never be resolved.

Agree or not this is the logic behind by comments.

P.S.  The discussion of the travesties which a race or group of people have been subject to and one’s feeling about them is never babble.

Cheez: How do you think that the past injustices towards blacks have contributed to denying you the ability to study for class, and read books in your free time(which would help lsat performance)?

I mean, we can babble on and on about what was done wrong in the past, but in the end we're only talking about two things: Your GPA, and your LSAT. Studying, and logical reasoning/reading ability.

If you think that genetics has nothing to do with anything, then what environmental factors cause this underperformance in blacks? Is it white people's fault that blacks don't read and study as much as they should? Or is it their culture and values which fail to promote those things as being worthwhile? What do you think?


i dont recal asking anyone to "get over it" as you mention

I was not quoting you as saying such but your comments about you or anybody’s parents never seeing a Whites only drinking fountain because that was over 50 years ago smacked of the “it was along time ago get over it" sentiment.  Perhaps I read too much into it.

but please dont look into (through) what i am saying and try to find things to get yourself worked up over. that aint the point of this thread.

It's not you, injustice in general tends to get me worked up.

Yes, I understand that there have been horrible things that you, your parents, and other minority groups have gone through in the course of their existence in this country.  However, those injustices were not part of the foundation of this country and were not propagated in the structural make-up of this country's constitution.  The effects of hate are indeed part of the human experience which we all feel in one form or another but that is just not the same as what American blacks have experienced.

I agree with you that AA is not an IOU or an apology for past wrongs, but it is the best (inadequate as it may be) way we have to counteract the effects of those wrongs.  I would love to see us (as a nation) address the reasons that something that ended 30 or 50 or 125 years ago is still affecting an entire segment of society wiht no other distinguishing factor than their race but as yet we have not.

Und here vee go…

We all had a fair chance all that’s different in your skin tone?

The “it was 50 years ago get over it” attitude disgusts me.  Indeed the fact that this country had separate water fountains for the black and white race in the early 1900’s IS a reason to have affirmative action.  Indeed there are those of us who have parents who had to endure horrible retched things which this nation condoned.  Yes, there are those of us who have grandparents who can remember days even darker than those our parents lived.  Slavery… SLAVERY ended in 1865.  We are only a few generations from being enslaved.  My grandparents were born in the 1930’s.  They had first hand account from people who were slaves.  My mother can tell me those stories.  Me, my mother/father, my grandparents, and then slaves.  I am only four generations removed from a time that my feet were shackled and you, gay or not, had a right to own me.  Get over it?

It was only 1965/66 fifteen years before I was born that blacks were given the right to vote and that right was enforced and protected.  Whose parents were born after 1965?  I grew up in a society that has only found my race (rich, poor, light, dark, or otherwise) acceptable to vote for 30 or so years!  This country disallowed MY FATHER his right to vote.  The right to shape the nation which his child (me) would have to live in.  He was not allowed to correct the injustices of his generation so you better believe they have effected my generation of Black Americans – whether or not they’ve seen a segregated water fountain!

We rage for the white man who feels he got cheated out of a place at an ivy league and tell the little Black boy that runs home every day after school for fear of being shot or forced to join a gang to get over it.  We talk about other peoples living in this country who have been disadvantaged or felt adversity but it’s not the same as living in the wake of such travesties which your nation condoned -- how dare you compare!

So why is it, and this point is still contested, that Blacks as a whole are performing poorer than whites when we know that they are just a capable biologically?  Do we address the underlying social implications and inferences which that has, figure out what social force is caused it and correct it, no we bemoan AA in the context of how it effects white men!

Get over it… I think not.

Affirmative Action / Re: For Blacks in Law School, Can Less Be More?
« on: March 07, 2005, 11:18:04 AM »
Are you close to this family member?

Actually yes... I can't bring myself to think that they had ill intentions but how else can one take this?

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