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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: CUNY!!!!
« on: March 11, 2005, 12:18:38 PM »
Congrats cclemon!

Now, give the standards please  ;D... letter, phone, or e-mail; stats (PM if you don't want to post); when did you go complete?

Thanks... I am keeping my fingers crossed for me while I clap for you.

Law School Admissions / On the Question of Legality
« on: March 11, 2005, 09:25:36 AM »
I looks as if federal law (FERPA) does not apply to the situation:
1. BT was not a student (unless he was a ugrad or otherwise had attended there)
2. The AdComM only contacted schools which BT applied to.  Schools can share non-directory information with schools to which you seek admission.

I would love to read the privacy agreement schools sign with LSAC to get access to our information.  There may also have been a violation of Texas’ Public Information statutes.  But I don’t have the interest to read them.  Plus, there would be an argument to how much of his file BT (or any of us) wanted kept private as we posted so much of our “non-directory” information on the and other boards where there is no expectation of privacy.

However, much like the Harvard apps. who technically did not hack the school’s system when attempting to gain their admissions decisions early (and thus did not break any laws), this act shows a lack of integrity, honor, and honesty on behalf on the institution or its employee.  Those students were denied admission, what happened when an employee shows such a laps in judgment?

Dang it!  This is why it’s taking so long for me to get a decision, all the AdComms are surfing the internet and matching applicants.

It’s cyberspace NOTHING is real.  It would be grossly negligent for a school to assume that the information posted in this area (where anything can be faked) is credible, correct, at attributable to one of their applicants.  PLUS, I wouldn’t be calling the school to apologize (something tells me they’re not going to let you in now) I’d be calling to inform them they had breached their confidentiality agreements with me and LSAC and most likely were in violation of FERPA.

BTW, I am sincerely apologetic to the students, faculty, and administration of The People’s Law School

Law School Admissions / Re: fibs and the fafsa
« on: March 09, 2005, 10:53:17 AM »
If you want to get around it and it's just a simple savings account, go to your bank, withdraw the 10,000 in cash.  Go home and answer the question.  As I remember the question is worded "What is the ammount of funds in your savings account right now?" or "at this moment" or "today" or something like that.  Then go deposit the money again.

But really, just be honest, if you have the $10,000 and really it is JUST $10,000 tell them.

I didn't either.  LOL, maybe just Quinnipiac apps.  ;)

Yes, but if I need my Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) kick I’ll watch Boston Legal (love it!) or Murphy Brown on Nick at Night.  I love these shows in the same way I love the Simpsons or the “reality” TV or ER.  They’re FAKE and that’s that.  I think it’s sad that so many pre-laws think that the L&O series is real that Quinnipiac had to send out a flyer saying something to the effect of “the life of a REAL lawyer is nothing like the lives of the FAKE lawyers you see on TV shows like L&O”

Tivo be blessed.  Tonight's was good.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Ohio State
« on: March 08, 2005, 09:40:28 PM »
I thought you got into OSU already... you could try the e-mail account trick.

p.s. - when did they say they had all of your documents (i.e. lsat/lors)

Law School Admissions / Re: lgbt box?
« on: March 07, 2005, 08:35:39 PM »
Being a black relatively liberal person at this school makes me a minority among minorities (there must be like 5 people like me at a university of 30,000). I've learned a lot about being myself -- for me not for "them".

I would only encourage you to kneel down before your God, tap into the relationship which you (as a Christian) should have established with him through your worship.  Figure out if you coming out makes you less of a Christian or less of a child of God or less loved in His eyes.  Screw the rest of the world, He's all that matters.

If you are going to come out then I think your views as a gay man will add to the classroom discussion at your schools.  Sure, write an addendum.  But if you're going to stay closeted then you're not going to add the "gay perspective" and if you may be too uncomfortable to even fight for gay rights after law school.  If this is the case then it's unfair for you to represent yourself as sharing the characteristics, experiences, and aspirations of a member of the GLBT community.  Hey, better yet, if you choose not to come out then you could write a follow-up letter talking about your life as a closeted gay Christian.

Some considerations. It seems difficult to write anything at this point without sounding like "Oh, by the way, I'm gay so you should let me in." so be creative… let us know what you decide.

On an coincidental side note, Trembling Before God (a documentary about gay orthodox Jews) came on while I wrote this to you.  Atanyrate, good luck.

Yes, well said Counselor.

I also agree, that "'This' girl" should not get a boost from AA.  But, can we also agree that this girl (more likely than not) would not require such a boost.  Her parents probably didn’t allow for the possibility of her not attending school, and a good one at that.  She was probably educated at the better schools in the community.  Her community didn’t really have an issue with drug use and gangs.  Her LSAT scores make her competitive for T14, and if she wasn’t up to par on her practice test, she bought a good score through a prep course.

Sure, there are lazy Blacks out there just as there are lazy Whites, but shouldn’t be allow for the off abuse of the system in order to accommodate the more imidiate and pressing issue of providing a chance for those who were not given then same chances as “’this’ girl”?

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