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The professor who wrote my last LOR (which was sent on Friday) typed three pages -- Single spaced (longer than my PS) -- of information on me!  The things they wrote were so glowing, so complementary, so over the top and absolutely wonderful that my modesty made me uncomfortable to read them.  I could not, make that would not, ever have written something so positive about myself.

However, it is full of grammatical and informational errors.  For instance, on the page where they enumerate in a list the multiple observations they have made that are reasons I should be accepted, would excel, am better than my contemporaries they go from #1 to #2, to an unnumbered paragraph, to #4 to yet another unnumbered paragraph, to #3 and finally two more unnumbered paragraphs.  There are two words without a space between them and there are words included which should not be there (i.e. “he worked as a sometimes counselor” rather than “he sometimes worked as a counselor”).

Most disturbing are factual errors which.  Like that I worked at a job for two years when my already submitted information shows that job as only lasting 10 months.

What do I do?  I am thinking of asking if they would correct the errors, temporarily deactivating letter on LSAC’s site while they do, then sending it to LSAC again and reactivating it after it is processed.  OR am I being overly concerned.  Will the people at the law school see the letter as wonderful and the errors as a reflection of the writer but not at me?  Please discuss and advise.  Thanks in advanced.

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