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Current Law Students / Re: Smoking Ban
« on: November 09, 2006, 12:23:28 PM »
I read over The Smoke Free Workplace Act (ORC 3794).  This bill means business!
  • Because the highest normal fine of $2500 can be doubled for intentional violations the actual maximum fine is $5000 for each violations.
  • Private club exemption:  In Utah, smoking can take place in "private clubs."  Bars charge a "one day membership fee" rather than a "cover" to get around this - like the OP had suggested.  But, Ohio's law only exempts not for profit private clubs with no employees
  • Nursing home exemption: Specific sections of a nursing home can be set aside for smoking.  But, only residents can use the area for smoking and no employee can be required to enter the area... hope grandpa doesn't have a heart attack while he's inside smoking.
  • Patio exemption:  Columbus has had a smoking ban for some time.  Bars just set up heaters and allow people outside to smoke.  ORC 3784.03(F) requires that patio's be physically separate from the bar.  If there is a door that divides the bar from patio then the doors must be closed and, if smoke gets into the bar when the doors are open (i.e. when the smokers come in or go out) the patio is considered part of the building and smoking cannot occur on it.

Actually a very interesting read in a nerdy law student way.

Full text available at:

Cleveland State / Re: Scouting Report-Prof. Ammons
« on: July 09, 2006, 12:43:13 AM »
A late response but I must say something here.

Dean Ammons is one of the reasons I made it through my first year of law school.  She was there for me professionally, academically, and personally.  She is the type of person who asks "how are you?" and if your response is in the negative will stop and have a conversation, lending whatever words of wisdom she may have.  Then later, she'll still remember you and take you aside to ask how your problem resolved itself.

Google and Lexis her name.  You will see from her works the kind of woman she is.  She played a pinnacle role in allowing battered women to bring their abuse as a defense in the State of Ohio.

Do note that she will go to battle for what she believes in.  When she is moving with conviction watch out because that woman will take you out if you cross her!  Fortunately for you, your law school is now the cause she is fighting for.

Also, Dean Ammons is a noted photographer.

Cleveland State / Re: Local knowledge needed
« on: May 22, 2006, 11:57:26 PM »
Hey Dan,
Welcome to C-M! 

Where you are from and what your takes are will determine where you'll like to live.  Here are three places to take a look at and some others to avoid.  Also, know that Cleveland has a new free trolley that runs from the center of downtown (Tower City) to the law school.  Plus, the you'll get a free bus pass so feel free to expand your search (although, other then the trolley, Cleveland public transportation SUCKS).

1) My friend just moved into Statler Arms The halls are clean and the apartments are very nice.  Take a look.

2 & 3) Huron Square and The Osborn are nice clean building within your price range. 

Be careful, but perhaps take a look...
Right across the street from the school are the Euclid Lofts.  They can be small and expensive but if close is what you are looking for, you can't beat it.  Know that if they know you are a law student they will charge you the maximum amount of rent the school allots in your loan package (total rip).

Reserve Square is ok.  But you can find better.

Moving further downtown.  Avoid the Chesterfield.  Two friends have had to void their leases and move in the middle of the semester because of their roach problem.

Current Law Students / Re: Sick of manually typing your case briefs?
« on: January 05, 2006, 11:37:10 PM »
Wow, I would LOVE to get my books electronically, but with only three books, looks like a no-go for now.  The would rock with my tablet PC!

Job Search / Re: Student Business Cards
« on: November 01, 2005, 08:48:17 PM »

If you are interested in having an additional resource then I would suggest getting them.  However, like any tool you need to know how to properly use them or you might as well not have them at all.

(1) Do not – DO NOT – go around giving your card to every tom male private part and firm partner you come into contact with.  The proper time to give your card is when you are ASKED for your information.  “Let’s talk, what’s your e-mail address” or “I’ll send you an application, where can I mail it?”

(2) Get as many business cards from OTHER people as you can.  Write a little something about them on the back.  Follow up.  You are a lot more likely to contact a practicing lawyer after a luncheon or a forum then they are to contact you.

(3) When you follow up with a letter and resume, add your business card.  Many lawyers will file or forward resumes as a matter of course but will give a business card to their secretary to add to their contact list.

(4) Just because you can get as many colors or pattern or pictures as you’re little 1L heart pleases for the same price please dear goodness remember your going to be a lawyer no granite backgrounds, no rainbows, no pictures (vanity kills), an no flashy colors.  Use one or two colors, a simply icon if you choose, a conservative font… if it does not look like something a firm would give out, you shouldn’t either

Cleveland State / Re: 1L - C-M
« on: October 22, 2005, 10:44:44 PM »
Hey there!  Some tips:  if your GPA is above 2.4 and your LSAT is above 150 I would strongly suggest that you apply to the LCOP program.  Information on the program can be found at  Use being local to your advantage, make an appointment to meet with Melody Stewart (Dean of Admissions).  Also, in your P.S. discuss why you worked your way through school, there are some Aberhollister wearing rich folk at that school and it will mean something if you show that you worked among them but were not one of them.

Good luck!

P.S. My friends in the part-time program at C-M tell me it is GREAT!

I just started my first class today, so, from a newbie to a vet, thanks for the reply and goodluck with your new job.

I come in peace from the pre-law board and repeat a post I made there because, well, you may actually have experience paying law school tuition.

I just got my tuition bill/financial aid letter for C-M.  There was a 16% rise in tuition from last academic year to this academic year.  Is that kind of rise same as/more than/less than at other law schools?  I just want to anticipate paying 45-or-so% more than I expected over three years.

Cleveland State / C-M Professors: Who to register for, who to avoid
« on: April 25, 2005, 06:23:09 PM »
Ok, ye who have taken classes at C-M.  What professors are stars and which ones should one steer clear of?  I know as 1L’s we won’t have much control over who we take but it would be nice to hear some feedback on who you have taken and what you thought of them.

Thanks, and see you in the Fall!

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