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I think the reason they were all california residents basically comes down to the fact that they were willing to wait it out...  I know i am not going to move to nashville now in hopes of getting into vanderbilt in AUGUST just in case...

waitlists do weed out people because there are other offers and even $$$ from other schools who were willing to not bother waitlisting right off.  that really does explain Hastings and the CA resident connection- not preferential treatment. 

That being said, I am a CA resident, and finally received my waitlist notice today.  after seeing everyone else who got waitlisted, I was expecting it, but I am still a bit annoyed considering I got into higher ranked schools WITH MONEY.  even though I was hearing some bad things about UCH, I still wanted an acceptance (blame it on my ego).  I just feel like it is almost beneath me and I don't even want to be on the waitlist now.  Vandy and USC i can understand, but hastings... ok, I am tiffed that I studied my ass off to get the LSAT score that I did, and along with my work experience, internship at the DA's office, and letters of rec, they have got to be taking the piss. 

eh, i think this is a blessing.  I am gonna plan on Davis now, and besides being around cows, it sounds like an awesome place to be with a pretty damn awesome faculty to student ratio, not super competitive (as in book-hiding), and generally more laid back.  Good luck to the rest of you- I am officially not gonna bother with the Hastings waitlist, so that means one less place to compete for.  :) 

god.  i just want to get my waitlist letter already...
hopefully tomorrow?

I bet you will both be at decision by friday....  I am sorta mad though.  I bet they are not giving half as much thought to our apps since they are trying to get it done within the next week or so.  kinda sucks. But oh well, maybe they don't need much time.

ps- after writing that i decided to check again- and I went to decision finally.  I bet i got rejected.  But if i DO get in- Ambs is gonna be my law school buddy:)

yay AMBS!!!! i think a lot of us are hoping you get in- you are one of the most genuinely nice people on LSD, and I really think you deserve it.  Let us know, and good luck!  I am thinking happy thoughts:)

Choosing the Right Law School / USC
« on: April 20, 2005, 12:05:28 AM »
Anyone know of where I can look to see the waitlist statistics in the past (ie, how many were placed on the waitlist and how many actually got in) over the past few years?  I have tried searching... to no avail.  if there is anyone who knows PLEASE share this info with me:)

i will knit you a scarf as a thank you:)

so was I right?  did you get a big fat admission today in the mail or what!? ;)

I am sad but sorta over hastings at the moment.  I think they lost my ferking application.  anyhow, its wierd, because after i got into davis i just stopped looking at my status.  no surprise it HASNT changed, but I feel better about it in general now.  You know what i mean?  I just cant get over how i went to hastings on one of the last days i could visit (and that visitors were even allowed) and as I was checking my email at the internet cafe after my tour and before I left for the airport i found out i got into davis...  it seems harder to get into so i feel wayyyyyyyyy more relaxed because of it. plus they gave me a nice handwritten note beside my acceptance so I am feeling loved:)

i just think its sorta rude and disorganized considering I have heard back from every school i applied to at the END of January (Emory had only a couple weeks turnaround time) and the first one I applied to still wont even look at it!

Ambs- be glad it is almost over.  I am waiting for closure of some sort, and it aint coming, damnit!

i think you are accepted.  If you look at hastings on LSN, you can tell which batches they are sending out by looking at eh date of decision (if you click on it it organizes it, for those of you who havent tried yet), and there is one girl who went to decision on 4/16 who was accepted.  yay! go ambs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: WL at USC today....
« on: April 16, 2005, 11:24:11 AM »
whats up with all the HATE here, T? 

it is funny though.  Isnt snuvy a girl?  if not, sorry,  i thought so though cuz of the cute kitty pic. 

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