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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UC Davis vs. Loyola LA. Anyone?
« on: June 04, 2005, 01:36:03 PM »
sorry, but I do feel like you were being snotty, and trying to make it seem like I was bashing loyola to death.  I have and do feel like they are much more disorganized than any other school i have seen.  so what?  i am entitled to my opinion. 

I got the lsat/gpa info from the davis website.  as you all know, the numbers LSAC and US News have are a couple years old (the latter is newer, but still old enough to not apply anymore).  That doesn't really matter anyway, I just liked the students at davis.  I did feel like they were smart, creative, and part of an incredibly nurturing environment that on the whole seemed rare as far as law school is concerned.  Does that mean that loyola has a bunch of dumb students?  No, not at all.  BUT, i think the combination of the environment and the people who choose a specific school makes a difference in how I interpret it. I basically look at loyola as a commuter school, where everyone is just trying to get the degree done with.  There are a lot of students who love it and are active.  but a lot aren't, because it is ok not to be there.  There are a lot of part-timers as well.  Thats awesome.  Davis is just much smaller, everyone GOES to that school, has to move from whereever they are, etc, and i think there is a different mentality when you are willing to uproot yourself in order to study. People just seem really committed there.  I dont know how else to describe it but thats really what it was. 

 i ended up liking davis a  lot more.  And yeh, sorry, but Loyola is easier to get into.  I am not referring to the numbers, but in general. There are many many more spaces, and about the same amount of applicants.  I think that there is a larger proportion of kids who go JUST BECAUSE since it IS in LA and they dont have to move.  Not all, but enough for me to see a few, and get turned off. I am not saying those people are dumb either, but again, I am hoping to be around other people with life-experience, and are as goal-driven as I am.  There were more of them at davis.

you get it?  I am not dissing loyola.  But i did notice a difference, and its hard to put into words.  You just go with your gut feelings, and thats how i felt.  but i am one person, an individual, with completely different criteria for what I want from my education, career, etc.  So yeh, candide/t-bone, i dont want to go and would rather pay a couple thousand (the difference is not that big actually) for what I think would be a better experience.


You do have to get over yourself though.  Big freaking deal, you got 170's on your practice LSATs and performed worse than you thought you would on the actual test day.  Big deal you got a full-ride.  I am just being friendly when I say that you have to get over that, the whole score-driven, salary-statistic, whatEVER.  If you do well, you will do well.  thats it.  but PUHLEASE, take heed.  If you act like this IN law school, bring up your LSAT (and what you think you SHOULD have gotten on your LSAT), go out of your way to brag about your full-ride, you will make nothing but enemies.  That will hurt your career much more than getting in the bottom of the class.


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UC Davis vs. Loyola LA. Anyone?
« on: June 04, 2005, 03:44:09 AM »
wow.  my internet was down so i didnt realize how outta control this was.

I wasnt bashing loyola.  and yes, I DID get $$ from them, the dean officially called me himself to tell me a couple days before I posted that (only because i wasnt offered the money upfront in a letter and asked for it later on).

When i said you could tell a difference in the students, I meant in a different way.

Loyola is IN LA which is great. but it also means it has a completely different vibe. LA has a different vibe, I know, because I have lived here forever. and other places in-between, so i have the experience to compare.  but it does live up to the stereotype in most ways when you look at it on the whole, and I am not as concerned about working at a big firm.   I have no problems with that, and no probs with Loyola being like that.   I also dont care about how much the average grad makes per year. I am confident in my abilities, and am fairly skeptical of statistics in general because they are so easy to manipulate. But i want to do something i like, and money doesnt necessarily mean I will have a good time with it. 

Really, davis just seems a lot more supportive after I visited.  after talking to a bunch of students, and my experiences at both schools that is the only conclusion i can come to.  Loyola has small groups of people supporting each other, but there is a lot of negative competition for absolutely no reason.  since davis has the smallest school in california, everybody HAS to be supportive- cuz if you act like an ass, you still have to see everyone 24/7.  I like supportive environments.  And if one is moreso than the other, then yes, I will do whats best for me.  essentially, i was annoyed with loyola because I DO think they are disorganized. And it was really obvious that the old dean was leaving way before he announced it.  That was the clincher.   its a great school, and more power to all of you that attend, but after really getting to know the place, I wasnt as impressed as I was with other schools.   

here is how i personally see it after spending time at a few schools finally (work was crazy so I just got the time to visit all of the schools i was intereste in in the past few months)& talking to a bunch of people who go/went-  Hastings was not as competitive outright as I thought, the area was not bad at all (in fact, quite pretty), but I was grateful for the waitlist because it is just too expensive.  and everyone who I know that is going and has graduated hates it unless they are in the top of the class.  it is just as stat-driven as loyola. Just as competitive, and after seeing davis (which was much later than I should have seen it) I knew I wanted to go. Lewis and clark should be higher in the rankings. Madison is AWESOME, full of great,nice people,and unfortunately just as filled with snow. I ended up with Davis because I got money, and it just fit with what I wanted out of school 

I wanted a more collegial environment since I never had it before so I am excited about that for law school. It just seems more of like what I want out of classmates and environment- not as far as LSATS or GPAs, but with personality.  Although, just to set you straight, their numbers are 162-166 for lsats, with much higher GPAs. So give 'em some credit:) 

 I am sorry I pissed people off. I should have been clearer.
But TBONE, or whatever your name is now, you really  are obvious in your motives.  You were so gungho about hastings since you were "sure" you would get in. Then suddenly it sucked and it was LOYOLA to the MAX.  I will admit I have waivered a few times, but I was weighing where I would LIKE to go v. where I would like to live v. $$$$$ offers.  yessir, you have gone out of your way to be offensive here just so YOU can feel good about loyola.  It is obvious you are just being cocky and trying to convince yourself that this was worth it.  considering this was your only choice,  go you.  I never knocked you for wanting to go there.  I just wrote what I felt, and it was spun around into something else. For everyone else going to loyola- let me know if i am right in thinking that ex-tboneucla, nowsomeothernameguy, is the schmuck going out of his way to say he is right in every class, raising his hand with "oooo, oooo, I KNOW! I KNOW!" when another student is still stuttering with his response to the professor on the first day.  I have a feeling thats the case... and if so, it isnt going to win ya friends, mr. 


I think MOST of us on here are going to do well.  the fact that we have been seeking each other out on this site shows we care, have given school a lot of thought, and that we are resourceful bastards.  If you want tons of money a year, then great, I think you will make it. 

but chill with getting so touchy.  honestly. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UC Davis vs. Loyola LA. Anyone?
« on: May 19, 2005, 11:20:29 PM »
yeh, i have officially decided on davis.  It seems like people at loyola are always obsessed with saying rankings dont matter... but everyone i know who goes there wishes they went somewhere else '1st tier',  it has to mean something.  I met with the people at davis and was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed.  You have NO idea what i have been dealing with at loyola, and after coming through it unscathed, i have to say that they are OBSESSED with saying their reputation is amazing, but the actual policy/practice within the school itself earns it a 2nd tier ranking. it should be 3rd, truthfully,  I really was just thinking of the $, but after seeing the other students, talking to the faculty, etc- I know that I am excited about davis.  And after grants and everything, i am not really paying much more.  maybe about $15k or less, and i figure since it fits me more, and I will be way happier (despite having to leave the house i love and renting it to a stranger), I know i will do better in school, which is what counts anyhow.

I will say i was kinda excited to meet other incoming 1L's.  there really is a difference when you go to more selective schools, and it is pretty obvious in this sense.  I just figure, since i am gonna spend so much time in school, i might as well surround myself with people who challenge me.

yay.  glad to make a decision:)

good luck everyone! are you excited to get into school already or what?!!?!?

Choosing the Right Law School / start dates for USC 1L?
« on: May 13, 2005, 08:23:44 PM »
I am on the WL and i wanted to know when school started at USC...
anyone know?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Loyola Los Angeles
« on: May 11, 2005, 11:21:10 PM »
one of my friends had a "lost" application at Loyola...

she got quite pissed because when she caled them on it and they ended up accepting her PARTIME with a 3.5 ug GPA AT UCB (!!!!) and a 163 LSAT.

really.  call them.  right now.  my friend got into it full-time eventually- but it wouldnt have happend if she didn't make a stink about it. 

also, there is some madness in their admissions office at the moment.  long story.... but it wouldnt surprise me if they lost your app. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UC Davis vs. Loyola LA. Anyone?
« on: May 08, 2005, 11:20:27 AM »
I do think davis grads go elsewhere, and considering the difference in class size alone at LLS and Davis,   it makes sense.  I just talked to my entertainment lawyer friend, and he gave me a good reaosn not to go to loyola.  Although most people don't care about where you go to law school, they do at the same time.  I could get hired at a big firm with good experience no matter what, but he was saying that when you are recently out of law school, it really matters.  He was at a big firm for a few years earlier on, and he used to help out with the interviews.  He said that one time they interviewed a loyola grad who somehow knew someone who knew someone well enough to get him an interview.  After meeting him, everyone discussed what they thoguht.  They liked him, and then one of the partners ended up saying nay- he went to Loyola.  That was it, no job.  He might not have been in the top of his class, or he might have, there are a lot of different factors that i have no clue about.  But he did say that a lot of firms wont even bother interivewing unless the graduate was in the TOP of there class- as in # 1-#5.  That the name itself is enough of a turnoff...  I know that is one person.  My family keeps reminding me of that hoping i will stay here.  But there is an obvious difference between the students at LLS vs. first tier schools.  It is fairly obvious, actually.  I dunno, part of me was hoping i would hear something that could redeem their reputation, but all in all its the same old stuff.  I dont careabout the fact that it is in the middle of the ghetto, or that their buildings were designed by a rockstar architect.  Everyone there either seems to think they should have gotten in to a better school, or they are thrilled because they did much better on the LSAT than they hoped and a 159 with a 3.0 GPA is enough to get in.  It just seems sketchy to me.  But after seeing the same facts used in defense of LLS that still don't really make me believe it will get me anywhere, its painfully obvious to me that its not the right choice. 

grr.  i don't wanna move but i guess its time for me to buy a bicycle to fit in with the hippies at Davis. :)

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: BC v. UCD v. Loyola (L.A.)
« on: May 07, 2005, 08:02:59 PM »
Davis.  I am officially unimpressed and underwhelmed by Loyola.  Long story.  But yeh, after talking to a ton of people, most of whom are successful lawyers (two in tax, four in entertainment, and plenty o' prosecutors), I think Davis is the way to go.  BC is good, yes, but I think it is better to have Univ. of California- (insert location here) on your resume if you want to work here.  I have decided on Davis too, so if you end up going, we are gonna be classmates. yay!

The fact that it isn't urban does suck, but I think it is a blessing in disguise because 1) that means it is cheaper to live there 2) you won't have to be turning down the gazillions of parties, shows, gallery openings, etc., that you can't go to anyway because you will be studying.
I am kinda stoked that it will give me the opportunity to just get into the education and allow me the chance to do other stuff as well if there is time since it is on a large campus.  The education seems fab overall as well.  Its really small to the point where you are basically getting a private school education for in-state tuition. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UC Davis vs. Loyola LA. Anyone?
« on: May 07, 2005, 07:50:51 PM »
dave- that is such a cool pic.  rock on!

i have kitten who i just weened off the bottle and onto actual food.   about 5 weeks old- maybe 4.5.

hes super cute and I can email you pictures...   I have a dog and a kitten isnt cool, but i felt obligated to finish bottle feeding him and getting him used to real food before adopting him out so he had a chance to fatten up.  come on, you know you want him:)

message me and i can send you pics:)

Choosing the Right Law School / UC Davis vs. Loyola LA. Anyone?
« on: May 06, 2005, 11:30:20 PM »
what say you ?  if you had a full ride at LMU law school, and had to pay in-state at davis- which would you pick?  FUdge placement by the way, i am convinced that loyola lies through their teeth to make the employment rate so high.  but really. Is the education better?  job prospects? rep?

ideas would be AWESOME:)

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