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Wow, Sac State screwed up in December too!  I was suppose to be at Sac State in October but they sent out that nice e-mail assigning me to Delta CC.  Luckily I was on the LSACs website one morning and noticed that it said McGeorge was "limited" all of a sudden.  I called right away and got switched to McGeorge (there were 2 slots that had mysteriously opened up that morning according to the lady on the phone).  Its kinda cool that I ended up taking the test where I am going to be attending law school. I only chose Sac State as thats where I got my BA from and knew the buildings/parking/etc.   

Sounds like everyone should avoid registering for Sac State!!!

Studying for the LSAT / Re: new... average LSAT with no prep?
« on: December 24, 2004, 11:17:33 AM »
I got a 165 in December without prep (ended up having no time) which I am happy enough with.  I'm not applying to T14 or anything, I screwed around way too much while getting my bachelors (read: way too low gpa).  I dont want to tempt fate and take it again after prepping.  I wonder if after getting acccepted to a law school and taking the LSAT again if LSAC will send a new LSAT score to them (I'd like to study and see what I could have gotten but dont want a lower score to screw me).

I'm not too worried about the address as I did put the last 4 of the zip code on the request along with the right box and I am sure the post office knows where these go (you know they get tons a day).  The address I sent it to did have you put "Law School Admission Council" at the top.  There are four different addresses on LSAC's website!  How much longer do you think it took your sisters?

Sara, how much longer did is seem to take (if you have an estimate)?  Basically the cutoff for the one law school I am applying to is March 15th and I want to make sure I'll be ok there (although the sooner the better).

The university the majority of my work was done at wont be sending it out until Monday, I think maybe I should give them the form so that LSAC gets that one done quicker.

This is from the FAQs section of the website and is the address I had it sent to (notice the street missing but I bet the post office knows where anything labeled LSDAS goes).  It says you can use them but doesnt say have to, you all think I am in the clear?  I just want to be able to sleep tonight before calling LSAC in the morning  ;) .  If not, whats another $25 in transcripts right?  :-\:

How do my transcripts get forwarded to LSAC?

It is your responsibility to have an official copy of your transcripts sent to LSAC directly from the registrar for every institution you have attended. You can use the Transcript Request Forms in the back of the 2004-2005 LSAT/LSDAS Registration & Information Book or download the forms from this Web site.


To what address do I have transcripts sent?

Box 2000-M
Newtown, PA

Law School Admissions / Transcripts sent without transcript request form?
« on: December 15, 2004, 06:28:06 PM »
Stupid question but does the transcript request form have to be sent with your transcript from the school?  My transcript request forms havent been showing up (no, not a problem with my computer, tried from numerous computers at numerous places) so I went to and nowhere on their did it say I had to submit the LSAC transcript request form so I figured I was good and just had transcripts sent  >:( .  Well I get on tonight and I can finally see my forms and it says on the form itself that it must accompany the transcript >:( .  Anyone sent transcripts without this form?  It's too late today to call LSAC tonight but I paid extra for all of my transcripts to be sent rush and two have same day service (I have 4, 1 during high school, 1 for my freshman year of college, 1 for the rest, and 1 cc part time to pick up classes that were full).  For charging so much LSAC sure seems to have its head up its...  >:(



My wife's aunt and her aunt's friend (went to LS together) both practice personal injury law, her aunt owns a firm while her friend works for a firm.  A while back I was talking to the friend about going to law school after the Army and how much of your life would be consumed with law vs the military.  Her question to me echoed what others have asked here, how much do you want to make?  If you want the major money you will work the hours.  Within the same focus of law you can find jobs that expect different amounts of work from you (she did tell me to ask what the expected billable hours were at the firm while interviewing).  She wants her freedom (she goes on a number of vacations a year) so she doesn't make nearly what my wife's aunt does although still makes good money. 

Funny thing she told me was that the good thing about making friends in law school is even though you may not be able to buy the million dollar vacation home on the lake, one of your friends probably will (as we sat in my wifes aunt's $1.5 mil vacation home on the lake) :D

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Would 28 be a bit old to start law school?
« on: December 12, 2004, 12:34:08 AM »
I wonder what the age difference is between full time and part time 1L's?  It would seem to reason that part time programs would attract an older population who would need to continue to work full time.  I sure hope this is the case as I will be going part time and prefer to be with more "mature" people even though I will only be 26 (no, not fresh out of college).  In high school I took Calculus at night at the university and all the other students were business professionals, I loved it.  There is something about being with other people who have life experiences and take it serious.

Btw, my hat is off to those of you persuing this later in life (I was trying to think of the best way to put that lol), I dont think I would like the drastic change from career to being a full time student again.  I havent been out of school that long and I'm kind of weary about the change.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: anyone else have an illiterate proctor?
« on: December 04, 2004, 03:22:32 PM »
Mine was actually a good experience.  Although there were ~150 people in the lecture hall they had plenty of proctors and who can believe it, an actual plan for giving out and collecting tests (surprising based on my experiences at most tests).  The annoying thing was the mic was always on so it picked up any of the proctors coughing, moving around, etc.

I had the hippocratic oath one too.

My 1st and 3rd were RC, I hope it was the 3rd one that was X.  I dont remember which one that was but remember thinking the questions were way more vague and difficult than #1

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Logic Games sucked, but...
« on: December 04, 2004, 02:13:10 PM »
I was feeling good until I hit that 5th section!  I'm using good at LGs but I think I blew those.  I looked around after that section and everyone was shaking their heads.

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