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are you still an undergrad idontknow?  I am and I am definitely putting off everything for finals until the last possible minute, at least you are in the library! Perhaps the paper will write itself by osmosis or something.

idontknow...I wrote back that I would definitely attend if accepted. At this point in the game, I think I have to jump on the first boat available. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the tree or something like that... In the email it said they would be getting back to me at the end of next week.  So we'll see what happens there.

counterpoint...haha I'm sure they would say "nah, you aren't that great..byebye!"

anybody else???

well i'm sure a visit will do a lot for you.  Good luck with your decision!

lol idontknow...maybe just for you.

thanks for the vote of specialness, Andie.  I'm all for it in this case!

Pretty much... and then it went on to say that a few seats had opened up since their deposit deadline and they were considering a small group, but only if GULC was their first choice. It also talked about the short time frame for the decision for fin. aid.

Having seen on here the "optimistic" email from the first round, this isn't anything like that, but it does seem like another milestone has been passed.

Just got another email this morning from GULC asking for me to reconfirm my interest. I didn't receive the "optimistic" email last time, but rather the short one.  I am just curious if other people have received this email and if there are again two different versions.

I don't doubt that I will use a laptop, but I hear what you are saying.  I am actually much more proficient at taking notes the old fashion way than with a computer. I've tried both and my typed notes don't seem to make nearly half as much sense.  With that said, I suppose with a little practice taking notes on a laptop will become a lot easier.

So I'd say do what works best for you. Perhaps taking hand written notes in class and then transfering them into Word later for easy storage as well as review might work well.


Well I can sympathize with your situation due to having gone through it myself.  I am also looking into international law, so I assume we are looking at a lot of the same factors.

I am not sure if you have visited GW, but that would probably be a good idea. GW's campus has a lot more in common with BU than with BC as far as location goes, but GW's buildings are much nicer than BU's and closer to BC level. GW is in walking distance to pretty much all the major sights, which is impressive. I don't place a lot of stock in talking to people while on campus, since it can be hit or miss and probably not something you should base your decision on. Someone might just be having a bad day. However, both BC and GW seemed to have friendly environments.

As for how I decided on BC, they gave me more money than GW, I live in Boston now and I like the city, and living in Boston after graduation is fine with me.  Although I'm interested in Int. Law, I sort of discounted that out of the equation and looked at location instead.  I might not be as interested in Int. Law as I thought and most likely I will be a generalist anyways. GW obviously has the upper hand for government work/internships due to location, but I wasn't sure it would make that much of a difference to leave Boston, especially since I'd like to work at a private firm.

So when I went to go visit GW having seen BC, I suppose they were about tied, with BC having the edge due to the ease of transition.  I pretty much would have had to LOVE GW's campus to have left Boston, and that didn't happen.

Ok, this was a little long winded but I hope it helps in some way.

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