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Their reputation isn't that great, and their student body doesn't have the numbers of UK's and Louisville's student bodies.

almost 60 K a year?!?!? WOW

I'm going to have to take out about 20K a year for tuition and fees and about 12K or so for living expenses. Of course, 12K doesn't go as far in Boston as it does in Bloomington.

3.7 lawyers and judges assessment for IU-B? woot woot... not bad

Law School Applications / Re: This is why I curse
« on: March 27, 2006, 08:33:48 PM »
I'm pretty sure she took her spot.


I took the money and ran in undergrad since I was offered a full-ride and the family financial situation was tight. Everything's worked out pretty well all-in-all, but I do get the impression that if I had a name school on my app, some of my law schools decisions might have worked out differently.

Same situation... I'm pleased at how things turned out.

Western KY U.

Imagine the crappiest state in the union... now add Western to the beginning of it. Yeah, I have prestige written all over me, don't I?  :D

I decided that I didn't want to go to school so far away that I had to fly home. I'd also like to stay relatively close to the friends I have now. So I'll be about 2 hours from family, one hour from friends...

I went to a crap college... ranked 47th in the list of top southern master's level colleges.  lol  it didn't hurt me at all.

Plus, I took a lot of 100-level electives (journalism, geology, OST, a class on drug abuse, ect.) My acceptance from UK said they liked that I had taken an interesting variety of classes.

What if you're on law review and never publish a note? Do employers want you to be on law review AND published, or does it matter?

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