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Law School Admissions / Random Question...
« on: September 29, 2005, 07:29:27 PM »
OK, when schools request your reports, does LSAC send them the reports in paper form, a PFD, or in whichever format you attached it as? I thought they sended them in paper form, so I attached them as works documents. Now, I'm starting to worry that they send the reports electronically and that none of the schools use works... now, none of my schools can read my *&^% :o :o That would (will?) suck! :D

Politics and Law-Related News / Bush Administartion's New LOW
« on: September 19, 2005, 10:01:08 AM »

amid pleas for aid after Hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration has launched an unusual effort to raise charitable contributions for another cause: the government's attempt to rebuild

Although more than $30 billion in taxpayer funds have been appropriated for Iraqi reconstruction, the administration earlier this month launched an Internet-based fundraising effort that it says is aimed at giving Americans "a further stake in building a free and prosperous Iraq."

Contributors have no way of knowing who's getting the money or precisely where it's headed because the government says it must keep the details secret for security reasons.

Wow, just wow...

Apparently, though, it's a big success...
Although in its infancy, the Web site had generated contributions totaling $39 as of Friday night.
:D :D :D

For proof that one year can make a big difference, check out my chiashu numbers.

School Name                               2004      2003           2002
Boston College Law School            Coming soon    17.9564 %    32.3791 %
Brooklyn Law School                    Coming soon    84.3889 %    99.1753 %
Cornell Law School                    Coming soon    12.5757 %    19.8276 %
Emory University School of Law            Coming soon    39.1097 %    69.8654 %
Fordham University                  Coming soon    31.2856 %    63.0532 %
University of Louisville            Coming soon    96.148 %    97.644 %
Notre Dame Law School                    Coming soon    19.3582 %    60.9402 %
Tulane University Law School            Coming soon    62.7171 %    87.8563 %
University of California, Davis         Coming soon    29.9747 %    77.9713 %
Hastings College of the Law            Coming soon    37.3343 %    72.5557 %
University of Florida              Coming soon    38.5871 %    64.9057 %
University of Iowa College of Law    Coming soon    49.9725 %    86.784 %
University of Kentucky College of Law    Coming soon    86.655 %    97.9903 %
University of Minnesota Law School    Coming soon    54.0138 %    68.5399 %
University of San Diego-School of Law    Coming soon    86.2415 %    99.599 %
USC                                     Coming soon    12.2324 %    32.1366 %
Vanderbilt University Law School    Coming soon    19.8977 %    42.607 %
Washington University School of Law    Coming soon    48.9951 %    90.6539 %
William & Mary Law School            Coming soon    35.9715 %    65.258 %

BTW, I'm not applying to that many schools. Anyway, I hope this upcoming cycle is a tad bit easier... this years numbers look even more depressing for borderline people like me. :P :-[

Law School Admissions / Is geographic diversity that important?
« on: September 07, 2005, 11:02:22 PM »
I'm from KY, so would Clai schools view me as unique, or more so than a cai resident with similar stats? I'm talking private schools of course.

Also, I'm sure Vandy gets plenty of apps from KY residents, so if you were borderline or WL material, would it hurt you a little bit to be from KY?

Anyway, I'm just curious how these little things help or hurt your chances.

Law School Admissions / Should I write an addendum?
« on: September 07, 2005, 07:22:18 PM »
Last semester, I took a keyboarding class. I SUCK at keboarding and could not get the basic fingering down. Anyway, I got a big, fat, whopping F... the F dropped my GPA .13 points. Should  write an addendum? I know one F probably doesn't warrant one, but I would like adcoms to know that my GPA was really hurt by a class that required no intellect (sad, I know)... the point being that it doesn't show that I'm lazy/dumb.

On a side note, I can find & peck faster that the speed of light. ;D :D

Law School Admissions / WTF??????
« on: September 02, 2005, 09:51:31 PM »
According to the new Chiashu, my chances of getting into Notre Dame based on the 2003 numbers are roughly 20%. However, based on the 2002 numbers, my chances are roughly 61%. How could the two entering classes be so different. How can one year make such a difference?

I never used chiashu for the old numbers, so it is mind boggling, I say!

General Off-Topic Board / Can anybody beat this guy?!?!?!?
« on: August 29, 2005, 11:12:08 AM »

It's a game where you take as many pearls you want from the guys hand as long as they're in the same row. Then hit "go," and he'll do likewise. The point of the game is to leave just one pearl in his hand when it is his turn. I'm convinced the game is rigged, and there is no way to beat him, or maybe I'm just stupid.

Law School Admissions / How early is too early?
« on: August 22, 2005, 03:14:37 AM »
Ok, so I'm applying to UK which is my safety school. Their admissions probability grid says my chances for admission are "probable," plus I'm a KY resident. My question is this: If I apply early September, would that help my chances of being granted scholarship assistance, or do law schools wait a long time before deciding that? Should I just hold off for a while?

I am having the hardest damn time trying to think of a PS topic. My life has not been filled with unique, life-changing, or noteworthy events. The only big thing that has happened to me was the death of my dad, and there is no way I'm writing about that. If anyone knows a site with some sample personal statements from which I could get ideas or if anybody would guide me to a topic, I'd be eternally grateful! ???

Choosing the Right Law School / Am I reaching too far?????
« on: August 17, 2005, 02:22:51 AM »
I have a 3.45, a 163, and good ECs. Anyway, I am reaching for Emory, Notre Dame, Vandy, Emory, WUSTL, ad Tulane. I think I have a decent shot at Tulane, but for the others, I'm not sure at all... they are reaches, after all. But anyway, am I better off saving my money? ??? Does anybody have any suggestions for "reach" schools?

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