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Current Law Students / Re: Exam Period = Hysteria
« on: December 03, 2005, 12:37:59 PM »
Sitting at my usual starbucks, surrounded by BC law kids, who are all giving me dirty looks. Oh well, they are fat.


Current Law Students / Re: How do you know if you did well on an exam?
« on: December 02, 2005, 05:59:47 AM »
It think it's impossible to know how well you did until grades come out, which is probably the most frustrating part of law school.

I was convinced that I failed Evidence last year, and I got a B. 
I was convinced that I aced my Contracts II exam my first year, and I got an B-. 
I was expecting a B or so on my Trusts/Future Interests exam, and I got the CALI award.

You never know.

Current Law Students / Re: It's OVER!
« on: December 02, 2005, 05:56:22 AM »
Congratulations!!  That is awesome news.

So...let me pick your large and overstuffed brain.  I am a 1L.  In your opinion, did it get any easier after your first year, or is that just a vicious rumor that is told to 1L's in order to get them to come back for their 2L year? ;)

My own experience is a little skewed because I went from being a part-time 1L to a full-time 2L, and since then I've taken 16 (or 17) credits every semester, 3-4 classes each summer.  In my opinion, the work doesn't get any more difficult--there's just a lot more of it.

The best part is when you can start taking electives in the areas you're really interested in.  Hooray for my Baseball and the Law class.   :D

Current Law Students / Re: It's OVER!
« on: November 30, 2005, 11:18:08 AM »
Thanks!  (A lot of people hate me today, I'm sure.)  I won't take the bar until July--I'm taking master's degree courses next semester. 

I keep oscillating between ectasy, relief, and a little bit of pride.  There's not even a hint of "oh so sad, this is the end."   :)

Current Law Students / It's OVER!
« on: November 30, 2005, 06:24:02 AM »
TODAY is my last day of law school.   ;D

Current Law Students / Re: summer 2006 BAR EXAM
« on: November 28, 2005, 08:47:00 AM »
I'm just trying to get through finals before I even start thinking about the bar. 

Current Law Students / Re: Thinking about dropping out. Looking for advice.
« on: November 22, 2005, 08:25:25 AM »
strap a set on my friend. Its crunch-time. Nobody in their right mind likes law school right now. in fact, i'd say its a good chance everyone wants to drop out right now.

I'll vouch for that.  I have three weeks to go (i.e., that's the end of law school for me, not just the end of the semester).  I've been working on a take-home exam for the past four days.  I want to drop out right now.   :D

Current Law Students / Re: It's the FINAL Countdown
« on: November 14, 2005, 11:16:49 AM »
Okay, because I know you'll probably understand this analogy, the first run through finals is like the first time you flip your single.  You just have to do it, get wet, and then try to get back in again.

Sorry, I know that doesn't help much.   :D

P.S. This is my very last semester in law school, so I'm calling it the FINAL FINAL COUNTDOWN.  5...4...3...2...

Current Law Students / Re: MPRE
« on: November 07, 2005, 11:02:32 AM »
I took it this summer, and I thought it sucked too.  But then I found out I passed, and I forgot everything about it.   :D

Current Law Students / Re: All my exams are closed book...
« on: November 05, 2005, 02:27:15 PM »
We have a schoolwide policy that all exams are closed books.  The adminisratration says it is because the bar is closed book and we are ultimately preparing for that.

I thought we were preparing to ultimately be lawyers... who have libraries.

Yeah, but if we don't pass the bar, we don't get the ticket.  I think you picked up on something interesting, though.  Some law schools prepare you to be lawyers, and some prepare you to take the bar exam.  I'm guessing that the best schools do both. 

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