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korea is great. im working here now. should I fedex you some kimchi?  :D

decreased productivity @work

messed up sleeping schedule to keep up with the states time table (over midnight in korea and still up!)

You live in KOREA...didnt know this...(just wondering but did you move there after UG, why?, and how is it going)

decreased productivity @work

messed up sleeping schedule to keep up with the states time table (over midnight in korea and still up!)

Please tell me that the you in your 'tar is after you lose the 10-20 pounds. If that's where you are now then I recommend you stay just as you are (ie: perfect).  :o (that's not GAK either  :-[)

tar' + 5 pounds winter fat now. hence the tar' is my motivation pic!

my pants feel a bit tight with the 5lbs added.  :'(

5 pounds off would be cool. 10 off would be awesome.

20.. hmm 20 would be interesting.

Had a great workout today...phew...that was tiring...I need to lose 20 lbs by mid july...we should all post are goals

me too. i think im gonna gain 10~20 pounds once I start law school. if I lose 20 now, it will be okay to gain 10 back!  :D

neway, I want 10 pounds off - my winter fat.


And Piggy, you're in great shape! Congrats!

thanks babe  ;)

so we need to stretch for 30 mins total (15 before & 15 after) every time we work out?


I knew that you were Korean.  Funny than you mentioned that--I jam to the Korean group Turbo.  I dont know what they are saying.

their songs are catchy n upbeat.. one of their songs was really popular a few yrs ago... the song was about a black cat nero that the dude liked or some girl that reminded him of the black cat nero? i think other songs are about love and all that jazz, like majority of other korean pops are.


okay, this seems pretty good.

check it out for stretches and other workout infos.


General Off-Topic Board / Re: I'm OUT!
« on: March 06, 2006, 09:45:53 PM »

<----- korean

I think it's my parents' generation that are afraid of blacks. or any other asians to that effect. maybe b/c of LA riot?

very limited sample to draw my conclusions from, but I've never met any blakcs hating koreans.

It's kinda funny to see korean people jammin' to ice cube's rap songs here in korea. They probably don't have a clue about what they are dancing to..

spend at least 5 mins stretching before n after workouts.

i usually do hmm this is hard to explain without any visual aids..

i will try to find a link for the stretches I do - I rarely get muscle cramps, and my weight work outs are pretty hefty.

after the stretches, do a slow cardio for like 5 mins(brisk walking) to get your heart rate up..

Crap...I just lost everything I posted...oh well.  Cliff notes version:  "Its hard for me to keep up with this thread.  Slow down.   ;)  " 

Also, I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday in a soccer game, or shortly thereafter.  I'm pretty sure its cause I am not stretching properly.  Can someone post a link, or something, to a good stretching routine?  I know I don't stretch like I should and I completely ignore certain areas.  Any advice would be appreciated. 

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