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After my nervous breakdown and cancellation of Dec. LSAT, I haven't done any full tests. I've been going through LRB in a immensely slow paste (maybe finished half of it, started it sometime in late Jan or early Feb). Anyhow, I took my first full lsat yesterday (it's been about 4 months) and my score was 173. I was averaging in 168 ish in my prep for Dec. LSAT.. Since then, I've been reading a lot, but that has been about it..

Is this because I've already taken the test and have acquired certain familiarity with the material? (I've already done my 44 preps before the dec. test)

And does this mean that I won't have any materials to truly measure my ability? (since I've done all the tests once)

I would appreciate any thoughts or help~


Studying for the LSAT / Need help - June or Oct. LSAT?
« on: February 18, 2005, 10:06:56 AM »
I took the LSAT last dec. I had a nervous breakdown and had to cancel my score. I really appreciated all the support and advice I've gotten from this board prior to my cancellation decision. Hence I had made a plan to re-take it this june. Since december with awful amount of self-doubt, I took a well deserved break. School has started and things have been going smoothly. My original plan was to just read a lot of books and magazines untill march and start studying for lsat again from mid march-ish(when my quarter ends) for 3 months before june lsat.

I have four more classes to take till I get my B.S., and I was planning to take 2 classes each 8 week term we have, which would let me finish my degree requirements by the end of the summer quarter (August).

However, our school just posted a slight change in the new quarter schedule. And I could take those four classes all at once and be done with school work by the end of may. However, if I do that, I won't have any time to study for june lsat due to the heavy work load. Hence I will have to push lsat to october. The advantage to that is -> I will have 4 months to study for only LSAT w/o any school work.

OR I can just do what I've originally planned to do - do light course work, and combine lsat, and just take it in June.

I would immensely appreciate any advice~

Studying for the LSAT / one more question to ask
« on: December 07, 2004, 12:52:04 AM »
I really, really appreciated everyone taking their valuable time to give me some inputs.

So, I think I am gonna fax my cancellation request tomorrow. and study again for the june test.

When should I start studying again though? I am still in college and my finals are next week. and there comes the christmas, and the new years.. I guess I start fresh from the new years?

I am having a little bit of motivation problems too. I know it was my mistake to be all freaked out at the real thing, and making such crucial mistake on the easy sequencing game. and the mistake should not be repeated, at least for the june test.

but i am still in the "depressed modd" after the bombed test. I really need to get remotivated..

I've already used all my 44 prep tests. I guess I will start from test # 1 from Jan. Maybe two tests a week with the comprehensive review. For the dec. test, I did do all 43 tests, but did the comprehensive review thing from test # 29 or 30 I think. I might as well set my goals a little higher if I decide to devote six more months of my life to this test.

I also admit I have a little problem with science passages. I get extremeley slow when I start to read them. I was thinking, maybe take a extra bio class next term for my elective requirement so I have a better understanding about the whole "cell diversion and molecules" typa things..

And maybe reading those science journals/magazines everyday - so I would be more familiar with the subject.

Could you give me some insights about the plans listed above?

Also, any other suggestions about how to study for this all over again, w/o any new materials?

Thank you...

Studying for the LSAT / Shoud I cancel..?
« on: December 05, 2004, 01:57:02 AM »
I freaked out at the real thing.

did okay on rc, two lrs, maybe missing 4 questions each (those were the number of questions i wasnt quite sure of)

i totally messed up the first game though. the sequencing game, i got the rule wrong. =( it was s-w-p, (don't exactly remember the two variable's alphabets, excuse me if im wrong) but i wrote it as s-w, p-w.. no wonder why the question didn't have an answer.. so im assuming i got most of the Qs wrong for that first game.

and the third game - i was just lost..

i usually get 168~170 on my practice tests.

I think i missed at least 20 questions on this dec. lsat. which should roughly add up to 160..

should i cancel, (which means i can't apply till next year) and take either feb, or june test and apply next year..

if i do retake it, should i take the feb test, or study for six more month and do the june test.

my gpa is quite strong - 3.91, im still in college - it's a medicore state college, graduating next may. i have a "sort of" unique status of being bilingual (korean and english - tho i don't think it's that big of a deal), and being from a economically disadvantaged household.. been working since 14 to support my little brother and grandmother after my parents left home. maintained a full time job throughout college, and graduating in 3 years..

those soft factors, i think, would help if my stats were great (gpa and lsat together). but with my estimated lsat score, i probably won't get into any schools i want to get into.. i was really hoping for boalt.. or even usc.

wow this turned into a big babble.. the lsat totally kicked my @ss... i really would appreciate any feedbacks.

Studying for the LSAT / 2004 Oct. LSAT Answer Keys??
« on: November 26, 2004, 03:32:31 AM »
Please.. Please E-mail them to me or post them here..

I would really appreciate it. =)

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