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I don't have any acceptances yet but here's my UG employment resume (no ECs):

Helped launch Oxygen Media
Worked for CNN
Worked for KCAL 9
PR intern
Student Orientation Coordinator
Database developer
Network technician, trainer & desktop support
High through-put gene therapy lab tech

Summer jobs are a great opportunity but they'll never make up for sub-par performance. If you need to take summer school or prep for a rigorous course, I suggest you do that instead of looking for prestigious internships.

Law School Applications / Re: The "Average" LSDer
« on: November 23, 2004, 11:23:15 PM »
I started a similar thread when I first came to this board a few months ago and got a lot of encouraging responses. What I appreciate most is that some folks have even offered to give me a little extra help by connecting with alums in order to help me improve my chances. Numbers (average or not) will still get you in to law school, what you do with your life is what counts most. Stay focused.

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Best/Worst Law School Campus
« on: November 23, 2004, 10:46:26 PM »
Chapman is only 9 years old so the law building is brand new, ergonomic and beautiful. Plus it's on a gorgeous college campus. Too bad it's 4th tier.

Pepperdine . . . drool. And what a view!

Pictures of McGeorge are goregous and it's spread out like a typical college. Plus they have on campus housing--nice!

Loyola LA is a concrete jungle. It's in a terrible neighborhood and it is ugly and isn't aging well.

Santa Clara is built in the old spanish architecture. Gorgeous and in a good residential neighboorhood with a train nearby and lots of stuff in walking distance. Including the Triton Museum which always has intriguing modern art.

Stanford is also beautiful and it never gets too hot. I'm not a fan of the parking situation.

Where are you going on your cruise? I'm heading to Belize and the Cayman Islands. Wouldn't it be crazy to be on the same ship?

I'm not in anywhere yet either. I hope to have at least one (even from a TTT) so that I can mention my law school aspirations in my xmas cards. If not, my cards will read something like this:

Well, it's been a long year! I lost my job and am on my 4th job since I last wrote. I'm working at a law firm for no apparent reason making 1/3 of what I was last year. I didn't run that marathon and I'm still living in sin with that boyfriend of mine who has not asked me to marry him. Merry Chirstmas.

On second thought, if I don't get an acceptance and/or a ring I'm not sending Christmas cards. Why waste the $0.37 to confirm my loser-ness.

BTW like ordering music on iTunes, I got carried away with fee waivers and applied to 25 schools. Oops.

(This is merely and illusion. I'm not really back.)
hmm, I guess I am waiting on G-town like yourself, applied EA, expect a ding.
WUStl too, not a presumptive admit, but eh, I think I have a chance.

Other than that, I'm not in a BIG hurry, I just hope my safeties get back to me fast in Dec or something, otherwise I won't be able to enjoy my Caribbean cruise vacation over Christmas break!  >:(

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