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Acceptances / Re: Boo Yah - First Accept is Full-Tuition Scholarship
« on: November 24, 2004, 05:10:21 PM »
Mercutio - Is it true that if I come in there and have more than $500/mo to spend on housing I could make out with a Deluxe setup?

Here's a sample of rental housing from the Trib:

Zap-- are you serious?

Er, me?  Totally serious.  Is "Zap" jargon that I'm unfamiliar with?  ???

Acceptances / Re: Boo Yah - First Accept is Full-Tuition Scholarship
« on: November 24, 2004, 04:18:37 PM »
I'm going to law school almost exclusively due to an interest in IP (I'm a programmer), and despite the lack of IP specialization at Baylor I'll be there in the spring.  The impracticality of moving anywhere had a lot do with that, but eh.

Join us.  Jooooiinnn ussssss...  8)

just curious, i saw your AWESOME stats on lsn, how come you're only applying to baylor? congrats on your admission and great score/gpa

Thanks.  I live in Waco, my wife's family lives here, and we have four kids (one going to MCC, getting her sh*t together to go to Baylor).  I'm going to continue to be part-time system adminstrator and maintenance programmer for our family businesses once school starts.  Frankly, I can barely imagine commuting as far as UT Austin, much less out of state.  From what I know of Baylor, it'll meet my needs, so it's the only place I applied.

Where is this new place going to be? Definitely sounds like a nice place to study.

It will be much closer to McClennan Community College than to Baylor, actually, at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and 19th on the north side of town.

It's up to her, but I'm sure something will be arranged by then ;)

I'll be at Baylor in the spring, and as a Waco native I second pretty much everything that midjeep says.  To the coffee shop list, I add the soon-to-open Beatnix, which will have free WiFi, a "quiet room" meant for reading and studying, excellent coffee, and a nifty "beat generation" atmosphere.  Disclaimer: my wife is half owner/operator, so I'm biased ;D

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