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I am a night owl myself. I can't function right away after I wake up. So to get around that I plan on being awake for 3 hours by the time I start taking the test. In order to prepare and get accustomed to that (because I haven't done that for 10 years), the week of Thanksgiving, I am waking up on Wednesday and the Saturday before the test at 6 AM to get accustomed to waking up that early. Additionally I am going to take one LR section before I go take the LSAT to wake my brain up and put me in the mode to think logically and warmed up. I am having a simple breakfast, a muffin and an OJ (maybe a red bull) and am driving to the UTC at the University of Texas at 7:30. I'll get there by 8. I'll have time to relax. I'll be there for sign in at 8:30 and there to take the test at 9 with three hours of being awake to start. 

Studying for the LSAT / October 2003 Answer key?
« on: November 17, 2004, 06:49:00 PM »
Hello. I am new to post on this board. I am taking the December 04 LSAT. I have consistently improved going from a 159 (Oct 04), 162 (Oct 00), and a 165 (Oct 02) using techniques i have read about here and through the LRB + LGB. Unfortunately, I am missing the October 03 and December 03 test key. I took the test, but I don't have the key. If someone could kindly provide it or direct me in the proper location to find it, I would greatly appreciate it.

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