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whatup pdubs!  i'm reeling from BACK TO BACK moves of my best friend (3 hours) and my sister (6.5  :-[ ! )  but wanted to check in, say hi before hitting the bars.  Time for some wings and beer.  DAMN this is no way to return from a vacation in St. Thomas.


Hopefully this will work, it's my new hair.

Lookin' good :)   ;)


you did have a really hot girlfriend though!

Awesome :)

i need to get moving, my friend will be here in a few hours.  damn.

i mean, it was pretty hot when my windshield of my car wasn't being broken, my car wasn't stalling, and i wasn't putting out fires (literally).  according to my dream:
kevdog hates houses with mirrors that don't go anywhere
to pull down a brick wall all you have to do is jump up, grab it at the right point, and lean back with all your might
chica really does look best as a blonde
mr burns (from the simpsons)/my boss hybred is a giant pervo who likes to watch orgies that he forces his employees into
chica doesn't mind this
(no orgies actually occured in my dream, sadly)
individuals who break into one's car, then run away after you see them, dropping a gun and 12 syringes will not be prosecuted. In fact, the police won't even fingerprint the dropped items.
I have two silver honda civics, just in case something happens to one of them--and good thing, because the windshield of one was broken out and it stalled in a pool of water that even a baby couldn't drown in
the hiring director of my old office can do backflips, and is willing to do so when its about to start raining and my car needs to have holes covered
the best way to get into a car with windows broken out is to do a backflip into it

Wow, what a weird dream!

I'd like to know more about these mirrors.  Are we talking like, on the ceiling?

I'm UNEMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  :) :D ;D :D :)


After I wrote that post, I found that my screen is under a limited warranty for 3 years.  I am pretty sure I can send it back to them and have it repaired.  Once I get a laptop for law school (and therefore won't be computerless) I will send it in for service.  Hopefully it won't be a big deal.

My flatscreen monitor for some reason fell over this morning -- literally.  Now there are two little 'ghost' streaks on it in the middle!  Something tells me these are possibly permanent :( :( :( :(

yay kev!  good jobby

stop working, yo only have 3 days left!

I should be thoroughly out of work by about 10:30 AM tomorrow morning.  I don't have anything on the books for settlement after that.  Should be a good opportunity to wrap of the inevitable chaos which will ensue with peco/verizon/pgw in the next day or two of phone calls.

Having a brisk day of work today.  Which is not cool.  I want to be bored out of my mind, cleaning my stuff out, etc.  But I am scoring some good boxes for moving.

Tonight I get my key to my new apartment.  Then hopefully I can get utilities set up tonight and tomorrow during work for the new place.  Things are coming along here.  If I can miraculously manage to sell my couch before the St. Thomas trip, then I'm officially making veyr very good progress towards this whole life reboot going on.

Morning P-dubbers!

Now, time for me to get ready for work.  I'll check in from cubicle hell later.

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