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I have a 163 LSAT and a 3.2 GPA - the LSAT is right near the top of their top 25% but the GPA is low (but stupid Wake has major grade deflation).

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Anyone been rejected by Baylor?
« on: December 07, 2004, 03:16:02 PM »
I know dustoffdax thought he was getting a rejection but I am thinking he turned out accepted (Congrats if that is the case!).

Just wondering... They seem to be taking quite a while with my application... I applied on October first and my file was complete a week later... starting to get very worried....  ??? :o

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: 3rd or 4th tier Acceptances?
« on: December 07, 2004, 03:01:29 PM »
I was accepted to St Mary's about 3 weeks ago - they even sent me a hand-written Christmas card today!   :D

Not my first choice but a confidence booster for sure!


I know this board has some people on it that were accepted at some 3rd or 4th tier schools. I have applied to several myself. And I am wondering where you all got accepted or have you heard anything? Yeah yeah call them third tier toilets or whatever BUT I know there are some people who should be proud of their opportunities or acceptances. So please post...


A Big Congrats!


Congrats!  Now go wave that acceptance letter in your pre-law advisor's face and say "TOLD YOU SO!"   ;)

definitely agree!  you should say something to your advisor so she doesn't spew out that sort of sh*t to future applicants.  i'm glad you were smart enough not to listen.

My prelaw advisor told me the exact thing about Gtown - here actually words were an incredulous: "Georgetown?"  followed by a "hmmmmmmmmm" and a chuckle.  total hag - what does she know - shes a history professor.  rantings aside - I am totally getting Dinged from Gtown anyway!  and possibly GW and BC... I am deferred from U Tex's ED - HOPING AND PRAYING to get in there!

I havent even gotten an email saying my file is complete and I applied Oct 1 and my Report was sent on the 18th.  They dont have a staus check or anything... just wondering if anyone's been rejected, accepted, held, ANYTHING!


The Deferral email said that we could expect an answer by LATE APRIL.  which is basically saying: "we will tell you whenever the heck we want to." 

yeah, so i thought i'd just put myself on in here too since i just checked my status and i have the ominous "Decision".  Pretty damn sure that means that my rejection letter will be arriving soon but still (dilusionally) hopeful.   ???

hey to all those who were HELD:

what were your stats?

i figure we might try to see a trend.  perhaps there are cutoffs they use to create auto-holds...

Stats listed below (HELD)

I transmitted my ap on Sept 15 - the very first day they would accept it.  They did not send for my LSDAS report until 10/30.  And the report was sent on Nov. 1. 

I have a few questions for all you lucky Baylor aceptees... :)

1) On the application, where they asked for "noteworthy community service work, extra-curriculars, etc..."  and they said not to put down any items that were listed on "supporting documents" - did ya'll list stuff there or did you attatch a resume.  I just put "see attatched resume" as all of those things were described more neatly and completely in my resume.  Now I am wondering if that was a mistake. 

2) Did ya'll apply for any or recieve any financial aid?  Was a some form I was supposed to fill out and send in with my app? 

My app was complete there on 10/4 and I am really anxious, especially when so many people have heard whose files were completeed way after mine!!!

Congrats to all you ya'll!  ::)

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