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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Texas Tech in Fall '05
« on: May 23, 2005, 03:00:51 PM »
HaHa! The Stockyards were a last minute decision. I thought we were going to be late getting to the airport but once in Forth Worth it turned out we had more time than we thought!

Like I said the Shiner Bock flows like water, but at least I didn't climb a statue at SMU.

I don't think the marsha sharpe highway is going to be a huge deal.

Man I can't wait to move!

I wanted to go to SMU. All my other schools were back-ups. I was totally sold on SMU from the time I made the EA deadline. That all changed, I visited Texas Tech out in Lubbock and fell in love, both with the scholarship and the opportunities the school provided. I turned down admission and a small scholarship to SMU in favor of the atmosphere and impression that Texas Tech made on me! I'm so happy out in Lubbock at Tech that I can't imagine taking the offer at SMU. It just goes to show, its not all about ranking, its about the right fit. Texas Tech fit my style perfectly!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Texas Tech in Fall '05
« on: May 21, 2005, 09:24:30 PM »

Work is done for the week and now I can go into a little more detail...

First off, I arrived in Dallas on Saturday Morning and drove directly to College Station / Bryan area to visit and stay with my fiance's family. We had a great time while there, ate at "the boat' and drank Shiners. The next morning we prepared to make the LLLOOOONNNGGGG trip out to Lubbock, if there is a credible argument against moving to Lubbock it is the fact it is a lllooonnnggg way from anywhere. That being said, I think you'll find out later that Lubbock has everything you need so the isolation is not a big deal.

The pictures from I have uploaded to the website below will supplement some of my adventure. The drive out to Lubbock was very scenic and I was actually entertained all the way out there. I'd say it took me roughly four and a half hours to get out to Lubbock from Fort Worth. When you go into town, North of Snyder, there is a fairly strange smell, but I found it only lasted a little while and nothing you can't survive. Contrary to popular belief there are SOME hills and cap-rock's on the trip out to Lubbock. Although Lubbock is not a drive I'd want to make every day at a reasonable 72 MPH which is actually a little slow for these roads, the time passes quickly.

Ok after arriving, We needed dinner so we headed over to Rosa's Tortilla Factory on 4th and Slide (I also think there's one on 50th-ish area). They had really good, fast mexican food and fresh tortillas with every order. Also the Sopapillas rock for dessert! After my stomach was full, I crashed for the night. The next day, Monday, I got up and went to my usual breakfast place when in Texas, Rudy's BBQ for Breakfast Tacos with Eggs, Beans, Brisket, Cheese, and BBQ sauce! After getting done, I went to my second tour of the law school (my first was fairly impromptu). I met with the Assistant Dean Terrence Cook and then continued my tour with the director of career services which was great! It was good to hear from her. Her outlook on employment was great and acted like clerkships, internships, 2L jobs, and post-grad jobs were very positive and reasonably easy to find as long as one does their due diligence! Secondly, I learned from Dean Cook that the Law School was going to be interviewing and hiring a new law school only financial aid officer. I know some of you were concerned about financial aid being given out so late, but they're trying to solve that by hiring their own personnel and not relying on the university financial aid office.Thirdly, I learned that the 1L's entering 2005 will be split into four sections instead of three like in years past. As far as the expansion goes, they have broke ground and according to the dean it will be complete by the middle of 2L for us 2008'ers. The expansion will have a new criminal courtroom to compliment their civil courtroom. As well as other additions. A lot has already been said about the law school so I won't belabor the point any more than necessary. Simply, the law school is very new and is well equipt both in technology and functionality. This place look awesome and a great atmosphere to study law in. It is just outside of the main campus which affords it peace and quiet while at the same time not keeping the law students disconnected from the university life.

Next on Monday was housing, I went by a number of apartments and found some VERY nice and some VERY not-so-nice apartments. My fiance and I decided that it would be best to rent a two bedroom apartment this year and look at buying a house in or near Tech Terrace next year. After looking at a few I found I was most impressed with four complexes: The Centre at Overton Park, The Dominion, Savoy Condo's, and Ashton Pointe. Texas1 is right about how easy it is to commute from one side of the city to the other, BUT I am an avid cyclist and it would take quite a while to bike from say 82nd St. to 19th where the law school is. So I elected to only consider apartments near the university. Overall best value and quality of the units went to Savoy Condo's near 4th and Detroit behind The Pourhouse restaurant. This is about one block northwest of SBC Jones stadium and from the balcony of the apartment complex you can easily see the score board at the stadium! HAHA! They had some awesome pre-lease specials going and my fiance's cousin lived in the these condo's when he lived out in Lubbock a couple years ago. We scored an awesome deal and I'm set to move in about the 5th of August after the wedding!

After that, we went for a late lunch at Bleacher's in the Depot District. It has great food and great drink specials, Shiner Bock flows like water! WoooHooo!!! This is an excellent area for the weekly "bar reviews". For dinner later that night we went to Santa Fe on 50th.

With our apartment search over we spent the next few days cruising around the city, taking in the sights, and eating some excellent food. First let me outline the food. Lite Bite Mediterrianian food was excellent on 50th St. We went out to Llano Estacado Winery and had some excellent wines and a tour of the winery. Spanky's on University serves THE BEST burger I've ever had in my life and also their giant cheese sticks are something you have to experience. Orlando's Italian Restuarant has two locations, I ate at the one on Ave. Q, but they have awesome italian food and some unique pasta sauces made with new mexican hatch green chiles. I didn't see that Indian Place but I LOVE Indian Food so I'll have to check that out next time.

I went down and checked out the Depot District, Buddy Holly Square, Wild West Lubbock, The Cactus, TTU Campus, and Lubbock Lake (archeological preserve). All these things were very cool and I have many pictures of all these things on the website below.

General impressions about Lubbock:
- The roads are HUGE, most major roads at 5-6 lanes wide, easy passing, no congestion, everything moves very smoothly and its easy to get around the town eventhough it is VERY spread out!
- The people are ultra-sugarcoated friendly, which is great.
- The Marsha Sharp Freeway is starting to get a huge amount of dirt moved now to make room, it'll be there soon enough.
- The loop just rules, we don't have loops where I'm from so this is a convenience like no other
- Out west of the loop if you look around there are some HUGE houses!
- The atmosphere of the city is awesome. It is a big city without the big city atmosphere
- Support for TTU is huge, you tell anyone there you're going to TTU Law and they are quick applaude your decision.

I can answer any more questions anyone has, I came away so extremely excited to move there its unbelievable. I came in thinking that I COULD live there for three years, I came away thinking it wouldn't be bad to spend a lifetime there with the right career prospects. Lubbock is a great city with a lot to offer and I can't imagine a better place to allow me to both focus myself on and distract myself from law school. I can wait to be out there with y'all in August.

Last, but not least, around 80 of my 300 pictures that I took while on my trip:

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Texas Tech in Fall '05
« on: May 20, 2005, 07:43:55 AM »
Well, I'm back...

After a long relaxing trip...

Lubbock was GREAT!!!

I have about 200 pictures that I'll be uploading to a website and I'll provide a long detailed commentary about Lubbock / Tech Law. Hopefully, Fall '06 applicants will be able to benefit from my insights.

I'm at work right now so I'll be posting it all around 8-ish tonight!

Until then stay tuned y'all!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Texas Tech in Fall '05
« on: May 14, 2005, 12:52:59 AM »
Alright y'all! I'm going to be in Dallas / College Station today and tomorrow visiting family, then its off to beautiful Lubbock, TX! Let's pray we get an apt lease signed, I'm ready to get settled in Lubbock in the next few months.

I have the laptop so I'll try and check in whenever possible.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Texas Tech in Fall '05
« on: May 12, 2005, 02:44:21 PM »
Yeah, I'll be there the 15th thru the 19th. I'm spending a day or so in Dallas with some in-laws and then driving out to Lubbock, I can't wait. I'm hitting a number of apartment complexes out there. I also have another tour of the law school scheduled for Monday the 16th with my fiance.

I can't wait to get back down to Texas, I've been going out of my mind lately!

General Off-Topic Board / Meat Eaters... Favorite Cut of Meat!
« on: May 09, 2005, 04:59:53 AM »
I've noticed a lot of us on here love our steaks and bbq. So, here's the question: What's your favorite cut of meat and how do you like it prepared?

Mine's Ribeye - Medium Rare

p.s. Vegans and Vegetarians need not reply!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Texas Law Schools' Bar results
« on: May 08, 2005, 05:28:59 AM »
I'm pretty sure the TX Legislature just approved the founding of a law school at University of North Texas Denton in Dallas.... Do we really need another one in TX???

We can have another one, BUT this is contingent on the removal of Texas Southern from the face of the earth!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Texas Law Schools' Bar results
« on: May 07, 2005, 04:40:03 AM »
Now if A & M could just make a law school this would be like a Big 12 South Matchup!

God Bless Texas!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Texas Law Schools' Bar results
« on: May 06, 2005, 07:45:50 PM »
I think you give credit where credit is due, and Texas Tech had the best pass rate, hands down. Texas Tech was Number One this time around on the statistic that mattered.

Well put, let's not let this thread turn into a pissing match!

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