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Choosing the Right Law School / Calling all Texans...
« on: November 12, 2004, 06:49:05 PM »
Hey y'all I need a huge favor.

I am not a native Texan but have moved here to go to law school and stay in this state forever because I love it. I have applied to Baylor, SMU, Texas Tech, and Houston. I am familiar with the Central Texas Area and have been around Austin, Waco, and DFW a lot. I really like and am partial to these cities and yes even Waco isn't the bad even though y'all make it sound like hell. Regardless, I need some opinions on Lubbock I plan to make a trip out that way but I would like some opinions of people who have lived around / near there. Is Lubbock a nice city? I really love the culture and environment in Central Texas and wondered what everyones opinion was on Lubbock because I am really getting curious after hearing some pretty good things about Texas Tech Law.

I would probably be moving back towards Central Texas after Law School, but does anyone think that Lubbock has a decent corporate law field out there?

I just need people's opinions of the area! Thanks in Advance!

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