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I wish the upper midwest was a part of Canada. Wisconsin is certainly more like any part of Canada except Quebec than it is like any state in the south you care to name. And we have a much more positive image of Canadians than we do of southerners. Even Bush voters in Wisconsin have a poor image of southerners. But for a Wisconsinite, a Canadian is like a brother. It is not uncommon for politicians in Wisconsin to refer to Canadians as "our honored friends and neighbors." In a time where many regions of our country are rejecting our values of clean government, caring for the sick, the poor and the elderly, and respect for human rights, we know that Canadians stand with us. I wish I could express how much it means to me as an American to know that regardless of the political whims of certain counties in central Florida or Ohio there will always be at least one country that represents us. If Canada were a woman, I would enthusiastically make love to her. (and make breakfast, too!)

Law School Applications / Re: Do you really want to go to law school?
« on: November 10, 2004, 05:05:00 AM »
Bleh. I can't understand why anyone would do drugs. (I realize you are probably joking)

B/c some drugs are fun and not all that harmful. Plus some can help you on the lsat, or so I hear. At least alcohol is legal...getting drunk would suck if you always had to do it in private like most drugs.

Law School Applications / Re: lmao, illinois
« on: November 10, 2004, 04:14:25 AM »
Imagine if a person had sent this email.

"Isn't it amazing what checking a little box on your dating service application has accomplished? In recent weeks you have undoubtedly heard from many athletically built 18-25 year old men: a few quite famous, some familiar and many you didn't know existed. Suicide Nixon is a solid member of the first group. Please review the enclosed material about Suicide Nixon and carefully consider applying to be one of his Fall 2005 coital partners."

Law School Applications / Re: Wisconsin Check Cashing?
« on: November 10, 2004, 03:50:43 AM »
I go to wisconsin and I wouldn't worry about it. We're talking about a huge bureaucracy here. They took 4 years to give my friend his AP credits. It has department that does nothing except sell stuff that departments don't want to other departments. The accounting department that is responsible for cashing checks is in a building the size of a large supermarket. It takes up the whole building. I guarantee that it takes a few weeks minimum for your check to move through all the various check-cashing authorities. I'm pretty sure that elves are involved. A few weeks is nothing to worry about just yet. 0

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