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Just had a quick question for you guys/gals.  How did you deal with taking practice tests after having studied the Powerscore Bibles?  I'm currently halfway through the games bible, and it's great so far, but I'm just a bit worried that when I eventually do start taking preptests my scores would be skewed because the questions would be familiar (after having analyzed them in the bibles).  I'm thinking it'd be even worse so after going through the LR bible as well.  Basically, did you guys just not take the tests already used in the bibles, or did you take them anyway and just took your corresponding scores with a grain of salt?

Hope that makes sense.  Thanks in advance!

Studying for the LSAT / When to start studying for June/Oct LSAT?
« on: February 03, 2005, 11:46:32 PM »
Hi guys...pretty simple question, tried searching but couldn't find any direct answers.  When would you LSAT gurus suggest studying for the June, and possibly Oct, LSATs?  I've been studying 1-2 hours per day for the last 3 weeks now (just about done with LGB), but I don't want to burn out since I have a good  4 or so months before the real thing.  But I keep thinking that I have 500 pages of LRB to go through, then 30+ tests to prep for, so that may not be as much time as I think it is.  What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance  :)

Studying for the LSAT / How do YOU study for games?
« on: January 15, 2005, 06:23:08 PM »
There's only a limited number of games available (unless you want to use the made-up ones by Kaplan  :-\), so what have you guys been doing to study for games in the LSAT?  Have you just been taking the games from published tests and practicing on those individually, practicing tests as a whole (with games included), or what?  I'm going through the LGB right now, and it's very helpful but I'm sort of afraid to look for more examples for games in preptests (like Advanced Linear Games, etc) because I don't want it to seem "familiar" when I take practice tests to measure my score.  Also, what general strategies have you guys been doing to handle the section? 

Edit: I've also noticed that I've getting the problems right, but it's just that I take too much frickin time answering them.  You're only allowed around 8:45 mins per game supposedly, yet I take around 12-13 mins, 14 for the hard ones :(....I'm only halfway done with LGB (just about to start on grouping, just finished advanced linear) so I hope I get better in time for the June LSATs.  How have you guys cut down on your time and stuff? 

Thanks :)

Studying for the LSAT / Powerscore course cancelled :(
« on: January 08, 2005, 01:42:15 PM »
I was gonna take the New Haven February Powerscore course, for the June LSAT, but found out just a few days ago that it was cancelled :(.  I even preregistered and everything and now it's too late to take the Testmasters course.  Ack...what would you guys suggest that I do over the next few months?  I was going to take all the stuff I would have gotten from the course and work on those, but now I don't know what to do.

Hi guys...another question, hope you don't mind.  I just wanted to know: what have you been doing for your undergrad summers?  Any notable internships or jobs?  Also, would you guys happen to know how much this factors in into your apps (as in, do they count as ECs?).

As usual, thanks in advance!

How many of you guys are going to law school straight out of undergrad?  I'm thinking of doing so, but somehow (reading from a lost of posts here) I feel like I'm in the you guys know the percentage of incoming law school students who do so?

Thanks in advance.

Choosing the Right Law School / What are good EC's?
« on: November 12, 2004, 11:29:52 AM »
What kind of ECs do you guys consider to be good, or extraordinary?  I'm just wondering what you guys have been doing regarding your ECs so far...I see a lot of posts saying "I have normal extracurriculars," etc, and wasn't quite sure what that entailed :)

Hi guys, first post so bear with me if the question's a bit dumb.  I've been having a bit of a quandary lately...I'm a junior at HYP, PoliSci major, just a bit above avg gpa (which I hope to make up for with a good lsat score).  I've been set on going to law school since high school, but these past few weeks I've been wondering if I should go through with it at all.

Basically it boils down to this: I don't want to go to a "bad" law school.  That may sound really dumb or elitist, but I think I have valid reasons for not wanting to:

- I don't think I'm gonna get into a good law school.  My GPA isn't in the safe range for most of the schools I want, and I head getting an LSAT score that'd make me confident in applying to those schools would be extremely hard (ie, 170+ish)

- IMO landing a good career in law hugely depends on where you go to school.  It's not like medicine, where doctors are in high demand everywhere.  I'm scared to spend thousands of dollars and be in debt only to end up in one of those law offices you see in a small, ugly, rundown office in some city with a dilapidated sign falling off his door.  That terrifies me.

- Corollary to the reason above: my parents are inevitably going to have to carry some of the burden (I'm the first guy in my family to go to a US college, and they want to finance me as much as they can), and I don't want them to pay for my college any more than they have to (ie undergrad) if I'm just gonna end up "wasting" it in a crappy job anyway.

Any advice would be great...I've been lurking these boards for some time and I've found it to be a great resource.  Thanks in advance.

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