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I don't know if it's just me but I just finished the first two sections of Pretest 18 (from December 1992) and the damn thing is weird.  As in, even the LR section is really strange.  Answer choices, question types, everything.

Did you guys include this one for your preps?  Or would I be better served moving on to the next one?

Ok so I know it might sound presumptuous to even suggest LSAC making a mistake, but is there a possibility that LSAC made a factual error here?  Here's the relevant part of the passage:

(First part of the third paragraph talks about one hypothesis, the "heat transfer hypothesis")

(Second part of third paragraph:)
A more controversial alternative proposal is the "asteroid-impact hypothesis."  In this scenario an extended period of cold and darkness results from the impact of an asteroid large enough to send a great cloud of dust into the atmosphere.  Following this climactic change, ocean temperatures drop and the polar ice caps grow, redistributing the Earth's seawater.  This redistribution increases the rotational acceleration of the mantle, causing friction and turbulence near the outer core-mantle boundary and initiating a reversal of the magnetic field.

emphasis/bolded mine

2. The author's objection to the second hypothesis (re: asteroid impact) discussed in the passage is most applicable to which one of the following explanations concerning the extinction of the dinosaurs?

(A) The extinction of the dinosaurs was the result of gradual changes in the composition of the Earth's atmosphere that occurred over millions of years.
(B) The dinosaurs became extinct when their food supply was disrupted following the emergence of mammals.
(C) The dinosaurs succumbed to the new, colder environment brought about by a buildup of volcanic ash in the atmosphere.
(D) After massively overpopulating the planet, dinosaurs disappeared due to widespread starvation and the rapid spread of disease.
(E) After radical climactic changes resulted from the impact of a comet, dinosaurs disappeared from the Earth.

(Bolded mine)

Ok, now the confusing part.  The credited answer is E, and it seems to make sense except for the fact that comets are not the same as asteroids.  I crossed E off because I thought it was a trap answer -- I thought they wanted to see if you were reading carefully.  I double checked the passage and there are no mentions of comets anywhere.

I selected C, which I know isn't exactly correct but I thought asteroid impact -> volcanic explosions -> volcanic ash.  I understand that's not stated in the passage either, but given that I had no other choice I went with that one.

So do you guys think I'm just being unnecessarily anal about this, or is my scientific knowledge in this area just limited?  I'm pretty sure asteroids and comets are two different things.  (A quick wikipedia search shows that comets are not the same as asteroids, though they're both now classified as "SSSBs" (or small solar system bodies)).

I know I already have another thread up, so thanks for any responses to this as well!

I usually do decently in games (though timing's of course still an issue) but this one totally just spanked me.  I spent 30 minutes looking at it (after the test) and I still couldn't get the pattern.

Questions 18-24

The population of a small country is organized into five clans--N, O, P, S and T.  Each year exactly three of the five clans participate in the annual harvest ceremonies.  The rules specifying the order of participation of the clans in the ceremonies are as follows:
- Each clan must participate at least once in any two consecutive years.
- No clan participates for three consecutive years.
- Participation takes place in cycles, with each cycle ending when each of the five clans has participated three times.  Only then does a new cycle begin.
- No clan participates more than three times within any cycle.


Can anyone explain to me what the particular "pattern" for this game is?  For example, #22:

If, in a particular cycle, N, O, and S participate in the ceremonies in the first year, which one of the following must be true?

(A) N participates in the second and third years
(B) O participates in the third and fourth years.
(C) N and O participate in the third year.
(D) P and T both participate in the fifth year.
(E) S and T both participate in the fifth year.

Is there any way to solve this game without doing hypotheticals?  I was able to go through the problems but had to use hypotheticals for almost each one, which (predictably) took too much time.  Is there a "pattern" here that I'm not just seeing?  (Also, how likely is it for pattern games to appear nowadays?)

Any tips would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance

Just two brief questions:

1) What do you guys think of the Powerscore 2004 Deconstructed?  The LRB and LGB helped me immensely, so I ordered this out of faith.  Have any of you used it, and if so how much/little has it helped?

2) Do they have unanswered versions of the 2004 tests in the book?  Not sure if that's a silly question, but I'm hoping to take the tests first before going on to their 'deconstruction.'  Or do I have to buy the Preptests separately?  (Which would be very annoying)

Thanks in advance

Just wondering, and this goes out to even you guys who've taken the test already. 

1) How many preptests did you do, or are planning on doing, before the test?

2) What was your score?  (It's also cool if you just want to provide a range [eg. 165+, 170+, etc]).  If you haven't taken the test yet, what do you (realistically) hope to score?

Just wanted to see what the correlation was between number of tests taken --> score achieved (at least for this board).  I genuinely think there's no better practice than to go through as much tests as one can get his/her hands on, but then again I'm a relative LSAT newbie compared to many of you so who knows.

Thanks in advance.

Studying for the LSAT / This website is going to kill my LSAT score
« on: August 02, 2007, 12:05:53 AM »
If I spent half my time on LSD this past week on studying, I'd probably be done with the LRB right now.

Argh...seriously though, is anyone else having trouble not procrastinating the closer we get to the test?  I work heaps better under pressure, and though the pressure should be on right now I know I wouldn't be kicking my ass seriously until the month before the test.  (This is the first time I've prepped this far ahead for anything -- I took the SATs in highschool cold and scored well enough to get into my undergrad, and finished my senior thesis in college in 3 days [and scored well enough to get distinction, haha]).

Point being -- this site is like crack.  I think I'm gonna have to firewall this off my computer to get any work done...


So I decided to take everyone's advice and go through preptests while I'm still working through LRB (I'm about 3/4 of the way through; should be finished by tomorrow or the day after).  Just finished Section I of Preptest 7 under timed conditions and I got only one question wrong.  (I was familiar with only one question through the LRB [the scientific discovery question], but even then only vaguely).  Still, that would give me two questions wrong supposing the worst case scenario that I only got the familiar question correct cause I'd seen it before.

I suppose this bodes well, but of course it's gotten me wondering: for LRs, do you guys know how different the old tests are from the new ones?  In general, are they harder/easier?  Of course I'm still gonna go through all preptests from here on, but I'm hoping you guys can help me gauge how difficult old LRs are relative to modern-day LR problems (which I'm saving for timed real-test conditions). 

Thanks in advance! :)

So for all you September-takers out there: where are you at on your study itinerary?

I'm halfway through LRB and have gone through a couple of preptests.  (Reserving full-blown preptest assault once I'm done with LRB in a few days).  I think I'm doing ok since I'm getting most of the questions right, but it's just the timing I have to work on.  (Also sometimes annoying when I get more questions right by just answering the damn problem instead of applying all these formulas/tactics/whatnot.  Argh.)

It's all starting to click though, and even when I get an answer wrong the correct answer's almost always my only other "Contender."  But still, a loooooooong ways off to go.

How are you guys doing in your studies?

Studying for the LSAT / Am I too late for September?
« on: July 23, 2007, 11:00:21 PM »
Hi all,

So I'm starting to have anxiety attacks about the September test.  Primary concern: I don't think I have enough time.  Can you guys let me know how I'm doing so far?

I've only taken one diagnostic so far (the Oct. '96 one from the LSAC website).  Took the test cold (prior to any studies) and scored 164.  I haven't taken any other tests since I figured there's no use 'wasting' them until I actually know how to solve the problems instead of just blazing through them aimlessly. 

Just finished my second-over of the Logic Games Bible, practiced every problem there til I could get all answers correct under ~8:30.  Just finished the same for the Oct '96 diagnostic games, and I think I'll do that for every game here on out.

The problem is this: I haven't gone through my LRB.  I have all Original, More and Next 10 prepbooks still to go through, along with the newer ones on the way from Amazon (35ish tests in all).  I have the 2004 Deconstructed book on the way from Amazon as well.  And I have to do all that in 8 weeks.

I'm starting to freak out but I really need to hit 170+ to get into the schools I want.  (My soft info's good, but GPA's not too stellar).  I just don't think it's realistic for me to study all this, especially since I'm also working full-time.  (I'd only have 2 weeks off before the test to full-time study).  :(

What do you guys think?  Any tips/advice?  Thanks in advance.

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