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Hi guys, I seem to remember someone posting a while back a website that didn't have actual questions, but could search previous LSAT tests by question type (assumption, justify, parallel, main point, etc). Do any of you guys have the site address?

Much thanks!

Studying for the LSAT / Anyone else cancelled his/her score?
« on: October 08, 2007, 08:44:00 PM »
I cancelled mine right after the test.

Every single timed preptest I've taken has been: answer everything, get 6-7 questions wrong.  A bit more, a bit less.  But all hinging on the fact that I get through everything and just miss stupid questions along the way.

During the actual test I totally felt out of it, couldn't sleep the night before/was nauseous during the exam (I think it's cause I hadn't been eating properly the few days before), couldn't concentrate properly, and completely guessed -- as in bubbled blindly -- on 6 LR questions (that's down to 174, max).  The last game I completely just blazed through and missed the last 4 problems (I'd never not finished a game section before! >:().  With my normal 6-7 wrong, I would've been *very* lucky to break 170.  And I don't want to hinge my entire law school prospects on luck -- I think, realistically, I was looking more at 163-165.

Was depressed for about a day, then I realized I'm still young, still very much enjoy the job I have now, have plenty of time, and instead of rushing off the rest of my application (LORs, essays, none of which I'd done) between now and November I have a full year to work on it and a full 9 months to prep for the next test (am taking it in June).  I also know I hadn't prepped to my full 100% -- was still missing stupid questions the week before the test, time-suckers still bogging me down, had 15 or so more preptests I hadn't done.  So maybe it's all for the better?

Anyway, how'd the rest of you guys do?  Anyone else cancel?

To those of you getting crazy score fluctuations -- have you thought of whether it's because you've started practicing on mornings?

After getting a ridiculous -6 wrong on one LR section a few days ago (I think it was June 05), I was ready to throw it down and burn the damn thing to all hell.  But I took back to back LR sections (Dec 05) last night before bed), and score: -0.

For me I think I've figured it out...I am not used to using my brain in the morning, let alone using it for high-level logic LSAT stuff.  I think it partially explains the crazy scores -- all my preptests up to this point had been done after work (at night), all my studying had been after work (at night), and my preptests started going down after I started doing them at 8 am in the morning.  It also probably explains why my first LR section is almost always lower than the second (and that -6 LR was my first section of the test/day).  (And throughout college I'd never had a class earlier than 9:30, let alone 8.  Further corroboration?)

Maybe you guys getting crazy scores should consider the time difference as well...

So now I guess I have a new problem -- how the f*&$ do I solve this?  I'm thinking of waking up at 4:30/5 test day, coffeeing myself up, exercising, doing a section/logic game before heading out to the test so hopefully my head's up by the time I get there.  Any suggestions?

Studying for the LSAT / To those thinking of postponing
« on: September 25, 2007, 11:20:26 PM »
I've been seriously considering postponing this past week (after my scores decided to go batsh*t crazy on me), and came as close as having the phone to my ear and the number in front of me.  But I realized a few things:

- There's no prepwork that can come close to taking the real thing.

You can take as much preptests as you want, take as much proctored simulations, but there's nothing like actually being there to know how you'll do.  This is far from advocating as taking it as a practice run but rather just knowing the reality that, as seriously as you take the test when you're holed up in your room or in Kaplan/Testmasters with the rest of your class, it's always going to be different from how you'd be on the actual day.  Maybe you'll score less than your practice scores.  Maybe you'll score more (adrenalin rush, etc).  It happens.  But the fact is, you won't know until you take it.

- If you take the test, you'll know what you need to work on.

Maybe you'll bomb the LG, or miss all the Flaw questions on LR.  Or maybe you'll realize that, as much as you try to skip those timewasters during prep, they really bog you down the actual thing.  This goes in addition to what I said above -- you really can't know your full testing weaknesses til you take the actual test, knowing that it's the real thing, and seeing how you perform.

Of course this is all just in my opinion, and maybe this is just taking out loud to make myself feel confident about not postponing (actually that's what it probably primarily is, haha).  But I think there's something to be said about taking the actual test -- even if you postpone til December, (presuming you've put the study time in) you'll be at this same spot 3 days before the test, not knowing how you'll do or whether you've had enough study.  At least if you take it now you'll know what you need to work on and hammer on that, while maintaing your other areas, til December.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself hehe

So, 5 days left.

I have about 4-5 new tests in my disposal.  Do you guys think it's better if I do a timed simulation (with a mock proctor (my grandma, heh)) or if I should just go through the questions one by one?

LG has been a breeze for me since 2004 ptests onwards, but LR and RC have been female dogs >:(.

What do you guys think?

Studying for the LSAT / Dear lord there's less than a week left
« on: September 24, 2007, 05:29:55 AM »
...and my scores decide to get all seismograph on me all under the same conditions

All these under as exact same conditions as I could make them.  And with my grandma srictly timing me (love her)

Jun 04: 173
Oct 04: 168
June 05: 165 (my lowest ever on a timed preptest)

At this point I was seriously considering postponing til Dec.  I was averaging 172-174 on all tests up to 2002

Then yesterday, same conditions:

Dec 04: 171


Help?  Should I postpone til December?  (Again, some background: awful GPA, need 170+, etc)


I think I'm slowly losing my mind, if not already evidenced by that thread title.

Anyway, I've been doing some thinking.  Sleep -- I think we can all agree that it's necessary, but not sufficient, to a good LSAT score.  Right?  (Or maybe it's just me, but whenever I tackle an LSAT at 8 in the morning while having slept at 3am the night before, I feel like I'm doing it hung over).

But just how important do you guys think sleep is?  Ie, maybe we're all hitting some "ceiling" because we're not sleeping properly?  I'm normally getting only 5-6 hours a night...

Or maybe I'm just LSATly retarded and am just making excuses.

Either way, 3 questions:

1) How much sleep have you been getting while studying, especially these last 2 wks before the test?

2) Do you think having more/less sleep significantly affects your score?

3) If you've taken the test already, would you contribute better/worse performance on the actual day due to more/less sleep than usual?


(And if it seems like I'm posting all these threads extraneous to the actual test, it's cause I really can't think of what else I can do.  I *know* how to solve the problems, I've done -0 consistently on LR/RC/LG but in different tests (ie one preptest I'll have a -0 LR and next day I'll have -3 or even -4, WTF).  But the sections JUST CAN'T SEEM TO COINCIDE TO NO STUPID PROBLEMS ON ONE TEST.  And though I'm scoring relatively well, they occassionally drop and there's only so much I can do on unideal conditions (ie, what if I'm giving myself an extra minute and I don't know it?).  And all these reports of scores dropping on test day...agh)

And now I'm starting to be paranoid that maybe those "off days" are my "on days", and my "on days" are just my "maybe cheating with time/unideal condition days".  ???

Or maybe I just need more sleep?


Anyway, how much sleep are you all getting?

Studying for the LSAT / Oct 04 -- ouchwtf
« on: September 21, 2007, 12:53:21 AM »
Took Jun 04 last night, good score.

Oct 04 this morning, -5 from my score last night.

Same conditions - extra LR section I haven't done from Preptest C (Superprep).  But Oct 04 curve was ridiculously harsh...

Anyone else done the Oct04 test and found it more difficult than the others?

So I've heard it frequently in these parts that it's typical to expect a -3 to -4 point drop from practice tests to the real thing.  For you all who've taken the tests already, how much has this proven to be true?  (One of the primary considerations driving me right now is that, although I'm content with my current scores if I get them on the real thing, a lot of people seem to say "expect a -4 drop".  Which would be depressing if it happens :()

Studying for the LSAT / Realistic to expect +5-7 point jump in last 10 days?
« on: September 16, 2007, 09:18:44 PM »
Just a quick question.  Do you guys think it's realistic to get a +5-7 point jump in the last 10 days leading up to the test?

I've been scoring relatively ok for my last 7 or so preptests but today I took superprep preptest A (feb 97) and it whammed me straight in the gut.  I'm down to -3 or so total on LR, -1/-0 on RC, but that game section killed me.  -7 points.  Ouch.

I did the section again today but got it all right in 35 mins.  Wtf?  I think it was just mental endurance -- it was the 3rd section in the test, but LR + RC before hand probably killed my brain.  But I don't know...

Also, that was a frickin killer curve.  90/101 and a 169?  Good lord

What do you guys think?  Is it reasonable to expect a 174+ on the test still?  (I have whole period off from work before the test and am devoting the whole time to studying.  But still, I've never hit a 175+ on a test where I haven't seen any of the problems... :().

I think it's just the LG I need to crack down on, argh.  Any tips/advice for these last 10 days on LG?

As usual, thanks so much in advance

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