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Studying for the LSAT / Re: The Official "I BOMBED..." Thread
« on: October 01, 2005, 10:33:45 PM »
This sh*t pisses me off. Seriously, the thread is entitled "The official 'I bombed...' Thread"

How can any one of you in the 160's (high or low) say that you bombed this test. I was supposed to get accommodations and with them I would score in the 160's instead I was stuck taking the test w/o reasonable accommodations for my disorder. So even though I will not take the LSAT again (EVER) even if I did better than all my practice tests, I for one BOMBED the test by scoring in the low 150- high 140's and this would be if I ended up scoring the best. I do not mean to snap but I just wanted to put things in perspective for those of you who want to be lawyers and coming from someone who has wanted since I was 9 and studied (and took prep tests) as far back as summer of '02.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: OCTOBER '05 Experiental Section = Section 2
« on: October 01, 2005, 03:18:06 PM »
Mine was:


Two things, first of all there is no such thing as ALL tests are 101 qestions (this rumor is unsubstantiated) there are 100 and 102 question tests in the past though not many

On the other hand Powerscore has done research on the entire modern LSAT era (1991-2005 +) and their results give an overwhemlming support for the experimental to be in the first three sections (before the 15-30 min break) and they have statistically shown that during every test (with the exception of non-disclosed tests as well as Feb tests 98-05) the experimental has NEVER been 4th or 5th. So to answer to that end is it possible to have had the experimental 4 or 5, yes though EXTREMELY unlikley. Plus given the fact that most of tests demonstrate a predictable pattern (on accasions) then 2 is more likely than not the exp section.

       RC LR LR LG LR
       RC LG LR LG LR

I saw people with:

Quote from: daveman_84 on Today at 02:22:11 PM
For the record, my test was:


Whereas mine was as noted

 I hope this dispells any further ruminations.

« on: October 01, 2005, 06:10:20 AM »
From one veteran LSD'er top the newbie and otther vets, I wanted to wish everyone good luck (at 6:09 AM EST) for I am ready and I know you all are!

Ivy_hopeful (Darrell)

Studying for the LSAT / Re: OCT TEST TAKERS... What did you think?
« on: October 01, 2005, 06:08:00 AM »
(Before the fact) Just wanted to wish everyone good luck it is 6:07AM On test Day and I am READY!


I take the LSAT OCT 1, but yeah my practice socres (unaccommodated) do not go past 147. I have a visual disorder, but just recently was denied accommodations, but I will place an addenda, I don't know if law schools are really going to take this low of an LAST into account, but I can dream. I have a history of poor standardized testing (SAT) and still have the paperwork plus all the forms that were required in order to request accommodations. The rest of my file reads very well (graduated top 2%, published author, volunteer and internship, research practicums, preceptorship, TA'd and technology preceptor... Plus I was denied admittance into a state school (university) (U of AZ). Then accepted upon completion of classes in comm college. My file goes on... 8 eye surgeries failed I was born blind etc... (not blind now but still half blind and all fcked up)

What do you think... ?

How about this for a "history" of poor testing.

SAT: 900

GPA: 3.894


LSAC and LSDAS / Re: Processing time for LOR's?
« on: August 25, 2005, 09:55:40 PM »
becasue your LSAC report will not be ready to be sent out until the adequate LOR(s) are processed. So it will just be a waiting game. BTW great job on the LSAT, any tips for a person that is struggling to stay above water?
- Darrell

Law School Applications / Re: Cancelled June LSAT -- am I screwed?
« on: August 25, 2005, 09:53:19 PM »
oldhat,  :)
There is a form called the Transcript Request Form that you can have printed out online and have sent (mail or faxed)to the registrar of all institutions you have attended (undergrad, comm college etc, if any). Also remember that you need to have your LOR's submit a LSAC LOR form (not required if you are using the law school's form themsleves but real good for if you don't know where you will apply until later and use the general title of the LOR Form as "Law School" or something basic like that. Finish your essay(s) and optionals (do them even if they are optional trust me better done than not). Have an extra LOR ready in case admissions decisions are taking forever and you need to give them an update as to your interest in attending X's ;aw school (or for waitlists). All this can be organized quite well on LSAC online after you have registered (which you have done). Last, fill out all the applications out online and all the information that is needed to be submitted with the apps (dean letter etc) and apply immediately (and pay the app fee either electronic or otherwise). Your report will not be ready until the LSAT score is posted but once it is then everything else will have been done and long before November! Don't worry this is not late in the game by any means. I am taking the Oct. 1 LSAT and due to my unique situation I amaking doubly sure everything is prepared and sent so that my LSAT is the only thing needed to have my reports go out. Good Luck if you need any other pointers just let me know  ;D
- Darrell 

Studying for the LSAT / Re: LSAT Accomodations?
« on: May 18, 2005, 04:38:37 PM »
I have sought out a variety of individuals that are experts in certain areas and have asked for their advice and knowledge (neural ophthalmologists, optometrists, radiologists, psychologists of various fields [perceptual, cognitive psyc, developmental] since that was/is my major. etc...)  I have researched and will continue to research the problem of visual scanning when one only has less than 1 eye (90%) versus 2 together. The reason why I am asking about everyone's opinion here is because I was born with it this kind of "seeing" is all I know, and with exceptions of "must be in front of class" I have never asked for special accommodations before and I have turned out fine (top 5% of graduating class of 4,000 etc...).


Studying for the LSAT / Re: LSAT Accomodations?
« on: May 18, 2005, 04:30:27 PM »

I can read fairly fast (400-600 WPM) but I can not calculate the words from my eyes to my brain as fast which makes the actual accurately statement drop to about 230 WPM or less, but since there is no test (like eyey-Q for reading WPM) that measures eye scanning-comprehension and rescan ability only seperate then the 230 is just a guess.

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