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Yeah - don't move to the Cloisters or the Saratoga.  Problems GALORE.

Ok - anything on Conn Ave is going to cost at least $1400 and up. That is with a special. You might a studio for around $1200.   LOL.  Yeah - it's basically off the chain.  And I was apartment hunting in the off season - it is going to be worse in the summer.  Also, a lot of the apartments are managed by Charles E. Smith.  They are nice apartments, but the hook you in with an 8 month lease for a reasonable price (again, around $1400, $13somethin if you get lucky), then raise your rent to $1700!  That is unacceptable. 

Silver Spring is a cheaper option - I just cant get down with feeling like I am living in about 18 countries at the same time.  I need to be around the natives.  Sorry if that is a horrible thing to say....just bein honest.

Don't hate on SE ;), Cap Hill is nice, but it is not a good commute.  You also don't want to be driving across town at 4am (yes, you will be running around at 4am...I was at school at that time this morning - 21 credits)...

Some people live in northern Va (Crystal City or Arlington) - they seem to like it.

When did ya'll apply?  I took the Dec LSAT and knew shortly after my scores were posted.  I got my letter w/$$ in mid January.  Guess it wasn't a hard decision to make...

::pops collar::

LOL!! ;D :D

Black Law Students / Re: NBLSA Convention 2006 in DC
« on: March 03, 2006, 07:41:49 PM »
Yeah it does. I finally have my hotel situation together. I hope it isn't cold in DC. NYC weather is kicking my ass.

All I need now is my diamond grills for my teeth and I'm all set!

Diamond grills!!!!  Naw girlfriend - we don't do that here in the District!

'sup ya'll - i haven't been on here in a minute..and I shouldn't be now....but it's yet another friday night and I am reading, writing, and rithmaticking....damned law school:(

I am another HUSL student.  Instead of working on my motion brief, I will continue to procrastinate and answer your questions too...

1)As far as government jobs I know some are more selective than otheres. How does Howard place in the elite government positions outside of the DO? (White House counsel, State Dept etc etc.

I am not sure about exact numbers on this, but go onto and search through the Howard grads and see what you come up with.

2) I was really impressed with the 17th ranked school in producing judges. I know a lot of howard grads start in big law and leave after a few years. Where do they go? Do you think its for the better?

Black attorneys leave big law for a number of reason.  It can be a very tiring to be the only one after a while...may be getting the short end of the stick with work assignments, not a conducive environment for blacks, etc.  Or, they may leave for the same reasons many white attorneys leave - family, major life change, moving, billable hours are the devil, etc.  I think a LOT of people (too many actually) go into law firms just because they want to work at a firm and really don't know what you are getting themselves into.  Working in a firm is not like working anywhere else.  There is basically nothing that can prepare you for that, unless you have worked in a big firm before. And when you are there, you need a mentor, support system, etc.  So, when people get there, the are overwhelmed and leave.  That is true across the board...but retention of black attorneys is much lower and needs to be improved. 

3) Why the 9 credits first semester and 21 the second?

2 classes carry over from 1st semester - legal writing and contracts
The reason is so that if you do really well first semester, you won't have any problems getting a job and then if you bomb 2nd still have your job.  LOL!  Also, like my colleague said, it gives people time to warm up to this whole law school thing and have a chance to do really well 2nd semester.  But you MUST be focused, organized, and not on BLSD!!!

4) How does the class outside the top 30% and not on law review do as far as recuriting? How far do good firms dip into the class?

There are special things only for the top of the class and there are other opportunities open to everyone.  It depends on the firm.  What do you mean by "good" firm?

5) How do you feel about teaching prospect at the school? How well does Howard place in LLM programs?

Professors are highly qualified and I know that I am getting a top-notch education.  I don't know anything about LLM and if you see me applying for another degree after this one - slap the sh*t out of me!!!

6) What parts of dc do most of the students live in?

I live in NE.  People live all over.  Don't get anything too far away from the school.  You don't want to be late to class or spending valuable study time commuting.  Make sure you visit your place before you move in.  Don't rent an apartment online.

7) What are the 5 most frustrating things about howard?

The administration
Building is old
The administration
SPAM to my howard email account
The administration
did i mention the administration....

 For the people who dont go to firms where are common places they head to?
HUSL grads are working all over - govt, private practice, public defender, law clerks.  Again - check martindale.

9) How do you feel about prepping for law school?

Don't do it.  Seriously - it is a total waste of time. will have enough to do very soon. 

10) How mean are the professors compared to other schools.

I don't think they are mean enough, but I am old school, so I might not be the person to ask.  But I don't have any other point of reference...

11) What would a student coming into Howard be benefited in knowing.

First you are doing the right thing by asking questions.  Make sure that you sign up for a mentor when the email comes out closer to the time school starts.  The upperclassmen are ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS willing to help.  My mentor walked up to me today and handed me a Property outline...and I didn't even ask. 

I would also so that you really need to understand the gravity of what you are about to undertake.  This is serious, serious business.  I am sitting here with work up to my EYEBALLS!!!!  It is manageable and worth it, but don't walk in thinking it is a game.  The curve is NO JOKE..... 

Oh - and PLEASE don't come in with a chip on your shoulder thinking you know everything (not directing this to you, but in general).  It is so unattractive....and you will quickly find out that you know NOTHING...just like everybody else in the room.  I don't care if your daddy was Thurgood Marshall and your first book was a treatise on civil procedure.  Profs don't like that...and neither do your classmates.

ok - back to work...welcome to HU!

Black Law Students / Re: 1L's (Current Black Law Students)
« on: August 17, 2005, 04:08:56 PM »
Hi 1L's and 2L's!!!

I just discovered Microsoft One Note (downloaded the free trial after peeking at my classmate's computer today) -- I think I am in love again (comes in 4th behind my boyfriend, iPod and computer!!).  Did you 2Ls use this program?  If so -- how did it work out for finals - or cutting and pasting notes into your outlines?  My notes seem so much better organized now, instead of the chicken scratch that I wrote in class today!

It's especially helpful since I am now developing carpal tunnel in one of my thumbs.  I'm telling you, after 25 -- you really start falling apart!!! :'(

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: August 15, 2005, 07:22:35 PM »
I didn't see Vic's pic until ya'll mentioned it.  You are talking about the one with the girl crawling across the bed in hot pants and no top like she is a wild cheetah at the National Zoo??  Umhum....trifling....

All of it is off the chain -- his pic, the white pencil and the boy on boy bj scene.  

Mamma's about to give all of ya'll spankings....

P.S. - Yes, Joss Stone needs to be destroyed!!!  

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: August 15, 2005, 06:48:37 PM »
Oh HELL NO!!!  I would rather see the other one than gay porn!!!

Kinda reminds me why I haven't been around much lately...


Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: August 15, 2005, 04:30:58 PM »
Get the jumbo slices at Pizza Boli's, not that other gross place.

YUM - Pizza Boli's jumbo slice with pepperoni and sausage.  Take that with 2 advil and a bottle of water and poof....hangover is gone!!! Plus, it is so big, that you will pass out before you can eat the whole thing.  So it also doubles as lunch the next day! ;)

Black Law Students / Re: Howard 05-06
« on: August 15, 2005, 04:21:30 PM »
Oh NO Cali!!!  What happened!?!?!??!  What section are you in?  I had a really nice day, class was cool -- PM me if you don't want to put your business in the street.

It has really turned out to be a nice evening.  I am chilling on my balcony doing my homework.  I LOVE wireless internet!!!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Best Laptop for Law School?
« on: August 13, 2005, 04:27:12 PM »
Question -- those of you that ordered Dells, did you get a back-up CD of Windows XP?  I received the blue CD card that says it is the "system restore" instructions.  My friend that ordered a Dell a week earlier than me received actual back-up CDs.  I would prefer to have them in case of any problems.

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