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Choosing the Right Law School / couple questions from a newbie....
« on: October 26, 2004, 07:35:14 PM »
1) I have a disappointing low GPA (3.13) and a mediocre LSAT (162) from a top 10 university which is nonetheless known for grade inflation. The average GPA from my school is something obscene like 3.4 and average LSAT a 164. What would be my chances at places like U of Illinois, where both my stats would be above the 25th percentile? Any chances at other top 30 schools?

2) how does a school like Case Western (while a good school, nonetheless outside top 50, in middle of Ohio) or Tulane still manage a median graduates salary of 100,000 in the private sector, while many schools, even if they are in proximity of metropolises (not that Cleveland is much of a metro) do not (Like W&L, even in private practive, is 85000)?

3) also, on note of salaries, do firms just not hire from public schools? why are their numbers (rate of grads going into private practice, as well as starting salary) so low despite their high rankings and obviously competent student body?

thanks guys...

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