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Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Howard Open House - March 11
« on: March 01, 2005, 11:22:00 AM »
Got tickets and all.

Still need to go shopping for gloves, sweaters etc...

In Tx I am already wearing flip flops.

Acceptances / Re: In at Howard
« on: February 09, 2005, 08:46:00 PM »
Well I feel like a moron. Got into Howard a while ago. They gave me money, and then a month later gave me more money and my butt decided to ask for more.. They cant take it back right??

Anyway, anyone planning on goin for the open house in march??
Would be nice to know a name or something.

Music Rec: John legend_ get lifted.

Naw, leave the music recomendations to me.

OK. Just sampled ur last 3 recs on amazon. Sounds ok. Sorta like something I've heard before.

Since there are texans here, anyone going to UH Law? For some reason I feel I am the only one almost certain that I'll be goin there. (on this board anyway)

Might be late but

Music Rec: John legend_ get lifted.

I dont know if thats considered old now.

Book rec: Wake of the wind by J California Cooper.

I am late but i thought the Boston legal episode abt the Sudan issue was quite interesting. Far fetched but interesting, if thats possible someone might need to take them on about Rwanda and Uganda too, I mean US are the world protectors right?
AIDS issues, of course everyone needs to be careful but I had a friend tell me yesterday, well actually he was asking someone if his cousin that died of AIDS was gay when he died, huh? Well this dude said, it was easier for gay men and women to contract HIV since the "process" of sex involved having things inserted into them, mmh I dunno?

Maybe I am ignorant abt that, I have never heard that theory before and I was just curious if any other smart ppl have. I've known dude for years he never really says intelligent things but loves to hear himself talk. Anyway, does that make sense to anyone, cos I laughed but Boston Legal was on, I was not ready for a debate.

Oh and also, I hope this does not sound wrong but is goin to Howard law a good idea if you got into schools that are way higher ranked?


"zya--I agree with mobell. Oh, and welcome to BLSD" - Thanks

Thanks. Mobell, Rich, Vic.

Thanks for the input mobell, very practical- thts why I am having a hard time convincing myself to leave. UH has a great program and it is a great city. I would like to be somewhere different. I have lived on my own and I have visited DC and Jersey, I like both places. Visited Howard but haven't been to Rutgers yet, I will tho.

Female. I visit Jersey often. Have family, friends there.
Houston?? I am just bored with Houston. I wish I could really elaborate on that but i am quite simply bored with the city, and abt 2/3 of the ppl I meet. Also I if I stay here i would stay at home, Houston being a commuter college- it would feel the same as undergrad just with more work. I am afraid my personal growth might be stunted..Lol. HTMS.

Hello people, this might be long so bear with me. Input greatly appreciated. Newbie/lurker here. Find you all fascinating, interesting sometimes very funny.I Just don't post. Anyway, abt to finish undergrad in Houston and having a really hard time deciding what school to go to. Grew up in Nigeria, Chicago, Houston. I'm 21 been in houston past 5 years. I want to get out asap, was seriously considering Health law- Got into Houston Law- one of the best programs. However with a nice scholarship to Howard, and admission to Rutgers, I feel I am being given an opportunity to get out. Houston, Howard, Rutgers are the only schools i am still considering at the moment. Houston is ranked higher however the desire to move is strong (only child, overprotective mother). Anyway, the question is- is it a wise decision to go to a lower ranked school just cos I want to move to a different area? (I would not mind working in Tx or NJ, DC area. I would like to go somewhere else now) It would be way cheaper for me to stay in Tx..(no rent, free food etc) At Rutgers- I would not qualify for in-state (not soon) anyway, i am not a US citizen, The scholarship to Howard would minimize debt, but how much weight to rankings carry?? Once again, input would be greatly appreciated.

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