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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: NYU
« on: May 21, 2005, 01:57:53 AM »
This is vague, but I thought there were well over a hundred waitlisted folks for NYU on LSN. That seemed like it had to be at least half of what NYU sent out. Right? They couldn't have waitlisted 400 of us, could they? So my wild guess is that 50% post to LSN, maybe as much as 70%.

Of course, I think the wild excitement of getting off the waitlist probably caused some of them to just change their status from WL to Accepted and not WL, Acc'd (or maybe, not at all). This is why when I'm pouring over LSN every day I order them by Decision date and then scroll down to check the time stamped ones too.

I seriously am getting a stalker vibe from myself about NYU. I am trying to self correct with a heavy dose of optimism about UVA. I'm focusing on the great housing options, the possibility of nonprofit and entrepreneurial business classes at Darden (maybe even an MBA if I see the point re: my CED interests) and, most exciting of all, swimming holes! I bet C'Ville is going to be massed with swimming holes, and if not it's 45 minutes from my former home Twin Oaks, home of the best communards and greatest swimmin' hole I know.

davisxa you might think Twin Oaks is interesting (I am saying this because of your overalls, which have probably given me a lopsided impression of you). Here is their website: It's kind of isolated there but a really fascinating and fun model of intentional community.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Health insurance: special notice for women
« on: May 21, 2005, 01:47:44 AM »
Re: PP and the ring, You can get the ring and a variety of BC pills and the morning after pill at some Planned Parenthoods for free. Eugene has great hookups at PP, so the UO students get lucky w/ no worries.

I never thought I'd go to UVA. I have bad memories of racist encounters in Virginia and I'm generally biased toward the west. I mainly only applied b/c a friend had gone there and said it was good.

I really wanted to go to Boalt, and I thought otherwise I would be at USC or UCLA. But I hated USC and UCLA can't bring the LRAP, so UVA has taken the lead. After visiting and talking with a bunch of their students and staff, I'm feeling really good about it all.

While I'm winding charms and doing chants over the NYU waitlist, should I perhaps go ahead and more prosaically apply for all my loans at the school I'll go to if the magic doesn't come through?

How does it work if you get into a waitlist school after you've applied for loans and bought a computer for another school? (I am buying a computer for a school that grants you extra loan money for that). Do you just return the loans and apply for new ones at the waitlist school?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: NYU
« on: May 20, 2005, 04:57:32 PM »
I heard on xo that NYU's waitlist moved in enda may last year. I think I can hold my breath till then.

I thought I was being a huge dork by making this poll, but all the advice has been really helpful in getting me to organize my thoughts. I finally realized that the extra cost at Penn isn't worth it for me, though it would be if I were planning on making more than $40,000 a year after law school. However the business classes interested me a good deal, and so I realize I want to do try a little nonprofit management stuff, probably at UVA, though I have not totally ruled out GULC just yet. It'd just be hard to tell my two good friends in DC that I won't be joining them.


With Penn, the number and kinds of opportunities you would get AFTER achool would be greater... Sure, UCLA has a great CED program, but let's face it: Public Interest groups don't often get their choice of Top Ten grads...

This argument really swayed me. I went and checked and UVA has a business school in the top 20, clearly not as good as Wharton but still good. On the other hand I could go to Penn, set my loans to pay off over 20 years so I could make it while I was at the bottom of the PI pay scale, and just plan to eat that extra 53K and rest of the interest along the way.

I am left feeling over-concerned about superficial details (a la GULC's pool, which still gets me hot when I think about it). Penn doesn't encourage me to have the new Mac that I have promised myself as a reward for getting into law school. UVA is in the boonies where my bf will have to take some random job and our NYC friends will be like 5 hours away. It's only three years. I shouldn't care about these things so much. ARGH!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Duke (20k) vs USC (45k)
« on: May 19, 2005, 05:18:23 PM »
So, did you visit USC? I did. It was yucky in their law building. Not knowing anything at all about Duke, and also wanting to practice in CA, I would still pick Duke. They can't be that gross.

What was yucky about it?  I've never been but I am seriously considering attending.

The outside was ugly concrete-y stuff. The inside was dim--not much natural light. The library looked pretty crappy--cheapest carrels I have seen anywhere. I gather they are remodelling some of the inside, but my general feel when I toured was that it was hella ugly in there. Except they did something interesting with their portraits of old rich people--not photos but drawings. That was my favorite thing about it aesthetically. The rest of the campus is so nice, I might have hated the law building in comparison.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UVA vs. UPenn
« on: May 19, 2005, 01:46:04 PM »
I let my time limit lapse yesterday on Penn and I'm not going to look back (except to call and graciously decline). UVA is the current leader b/c the people there are so friendly and the public interest staff have been very helpful and kind.

I was worried too because when I visited a fair number of folks had southern (virginia?) accents and wore khakies and loafers and other things that seemed foreign. But they also were really, really cordial. It's good to make friends with people who don't totally match all one's other friends. I don't think I'll have to tolerate beer OR softball to make friends there. And even if I have to down a Negra Modello once in a while it will be worth it for the amazing hikes and nearly fool-proof LRAP they have going on.

I think I'm leaning toward UVA because it would be a completely new environment, fresh start, but I'm worried that I won't fit in there and would be hours away from anyone I know.  At Penn I imagine the people would be more like the type I'm used to, but I wouldn't have that last shot at the beautiful sprawling campus, relaxed lifestyle thing.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Last request for help - POLL
« on: May 18, 2005, 03:30:51 PM »
I don't think Columbia's LRAP is that great. It's better than UCLA, sure, but Mich might be preferable (I haven't researched theirs).

I researched Columbia's when I got the reserve notice. What I found made me not bother to respond and stay on.

A cursory examination shows that if you take a low paying position out of school($25,000-$35,000) UVA, NYU, and other good LRAPs will pay all your costs while Columbia only pays some. It's important to be well-endowed which I'm sure they are, but flexibility is also important. that's where Columbia blows.

To contrast, UVA's prog is well endowed and will forgive all the loans it has made to you at the end of each year--this is good if you might want to switch tracks, start your own business, etc, but aren't able to pay back loans to the school as well as remaining law loans.

Contrast w/ Columbia, who will not forgive your LRAP loans completely for TEN YEARS. That is suckier than almost any school I have looked at.

I thought Columbia's LRAP would be wonderful because they are well ranked. That was why I responded to their silly yield-boosting fee waiver. Look twice, kids.

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