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Anyone know anything about UCLA's public interest program? I think their LRAP isn't so hot, from what I've read online (a $60,000 cap is certainly not as good as UVA's, where I'm admitted) but I really want to have a public interest career in California, probably the Bay Area, (not sure in precisely what, so I want to have a lot of options).

I expect to make around $25K - $35K when I'm out, so I am *really* counting on the LRAP to deal with everything. Also, I have a $13K/yr scholarship from UVA and too soon to tell from USC & UCLA (not expecting much from UCLA though). So here are my questions:

1. Is being admitted to UCLA's rather selective class of 25 (out of, they say, 620 apps) in the public interest program better than going to the more highly ranked UVA?

2. If better, is it enough better to make up for the greater loan burden I'll bear (UVA's LRAP will cover ALL my debts below 36,000 income per year)?

3. Am I right thinking I'll have a way better shot in general at west coast public interest jobs if I go to UCLA than if I go to UVA or maybe NYU (pending)? I know things work a little differently with public interest than with biglaw, but I don't know in quite which ways.

4. I have heard rumors and read bits here and there that indicate some public interest positions (ACLU, govt jobs, etc) can be as competitive as biglaw jobs. Is this true? Who knows more about this?

Since I want to throw a wide and flexible net (for public interest; not interested in much else) I am looking for whatever anyone knows about the UCLA public interest program and how it's regarded.

How does UCLA's public interest program compare, for instance, to going to NYU, a well-known public interest school? How about Georgetown or Penn? I am waiting to hear from all three of these and don't want to post this message all over again!

Thanks for anything you can tell me!

(I'll be cross posting on xoxohth and livejournal law_students)

Choosing the Right Law School / Bay Area Scholarship Schools?
« on: February 01, 2005, 03:17:30 PM »
Hi. This is my first post on here--I hope someone can help me out with my questions.

I want to be a public interest lawyer in the Bay Area (or, perhaps, DC). I know I will need either great LRAP or a nice scholarship to make it. What T2-4 schools should I be considering to try for a full ride at, that would set me up for a public interest connection in the Bay Area?

I have applied to Berkeley, Stanford, UCDavis, UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine (applied for scholarship). I'm finishing up Hastings.

Schools I might consider are

Santa Clara
Golden Gate
University of the Pacific McGeorge

Down south I know there are Chapman, Whittier, California Western, and UCSD, but I'm not sure I'd fit in that well in SoCal. I've lived in Santa Cruz and Davis and felt at home, but I am not a tanner or a leg-shaver, and I drive a crappy car I would happily abandon for a bike if I could--in other words, I'm not what I think of as L.A. material.

Help, any help, very appreciated!

My stats are 173/cancel/164(Oct'99) LSAT; 3.52 UGPA; 5 yrs work exp.

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