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Choosing the Right Law School / Bay Area Scholarship Schools?
« on: February 01, 2005, 02:17:30 PM »
Hi. This is my first post on here--I hope someone can help me out with my questions.

I want to be a public interest lawyer in the Bay Area (or, perhaps, DC). I know I will need either great LRAP or a nice scholarship to make it. What T2-4 schools should I be considering to try for a full ride at, that would set me up for a public interest connection in the Bay Area?

I have applied to Berkeley, Stanford, UCDavis, UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine (applied for scholarship). I'm finishing up Hastings.

Schools I might consider are

Santa Clara
Golden Gate
University of the Pacific McGeorge

Down south I know there are Chapman, Whittier, California Western, and UCSD, but I'm not sure I'd fit in that well in SoCal. I've lived in Santa Cruz and Davis and felt at home, but I am not a tanner or a leg-shaver, and I drive a crappy car I would happily abandon for a bike if I could--in other words, I'm not what I think of as L.A. material.

Help, any help, very appreciated!

My stats are 173/cancel/164(Oct'99) LSAT; 3.52 UGPA; 5 yrs work exp.

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