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I'm hoping to compile a list of the schools that mail to current rather than permanent addresses when given both on the application so far.

Permanent Address
Seton Hall

Current Address
U Conn
Boston College

My mother told me I recieved a card in the mail today at my home address asking me to RSVP to an admitted students event on March 5th however I'm still waiting for a decision on my application. Did they send these cards out to everyone or did my acceptance letter get lost in the mail? Anyone else have a similar experience?

According to rizz98's LSN profile Villanova has had some mailing trouble, apparently they sent his letter to a combination of his current and permanent address, I wonder if there was a glitch in the mail merge and this mistake affected more than one?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / In at Seton Hall with $$$
« on: February 14, 2005, 03:22:17 PM »
Just recieved the notice today in at Seton Hall with a $16,000 Presidential Scholarship award.

Brooklyn: Yes
U-Conn: No
Northeastern: No
Hofstra: No

You are misinterpreting what I am saying. I am NOT saying that BC is being MORE selective this year. What I am saying is that they are doing the same thing this year as they have ALWAYS done. This is just the first time applicants have a pool of data to see their method.

I don't think so, you are making the argument that they aren't getting more selective I am making the argument that they are.

What do you make of this, in 2004 according to LSACs grid 251 students applied with a 165-169 and 3.5- 3.7 only 39 were rejected or waitlisted. There are already about a dozen people on LSN with these stats that were rejected, and LSN is not representative (since only 200 applicants are listed out of the 1,300 or more they will get).

Jules yes I plan to stay on it, I don't understand Boston's selectivity. Their published LSAT and GPA ranges are 161-166 and 3.42 - 3.78. Yet people with 3.6s and 166s are being waitlisted. And these applicants are bove nearly both of their 75th percentile marks, to me this runs counter to common sense and logic. Just accepting higher stats doesn't mean higher stats will accept, as I'm sure BC will find out.

also ilsox,
I don't find your stats particularly telling or troublesom, in fact each year appx: 800 students reject Columbia , over 1,000 reject NYU, 900 reject Fordham, and 1,100 reject Boston University.  By going more selective even more students are going to turn down BC.

Given my predisposition to land on waitlists and interim pending categories (whatever that means). I feel a need to provide extra material to these schools that will help push my application over the edge.

I recently made Dean's List (3.7 requirement) for the 4th semester in a row. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to send a photocopy of the certificate in to schools that are on the fence about my application.

I also have a 35 page research article that was submitted to the Journal of Law and Human Behavior, linking Cognitive Experiential Self Theory (a common theory in personality psychology) to Juror Decision Making in Criminal Trials. I was wondering if actually sending the manuscript in is a good idea. Its well written and impressive, however I doubt any Ad Comm is (1) going to have the time or drive to read through it and (2) will understand the nitty gritty of the research anyway. Part of me is saying just send it in, it has an impressive look and feel and even if they don't read it at least they will see what you have done. But another part of me is saying not to since its in a highly topic specific and 99% of the Ad Comms wont even read it considering they are inundated with paperwork already (contributing to that might even have a negative effect).

I'd really like some advice on both of the above.

draino, I was referring to pure merit aid. My understanding is they are lacking in that department.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Fordham
« on: February 11, 2005, 12:59:47 PM »
Ditto, seems to be the LSN enigma of the year. I don't think they could be more elusive with their terminology if they tried. I've been trying to figure this out for some time now and here is what I think is going on. Since Fordham had not waitlisted anyone yet according to LSN, and due to anecdotal evidence on this board and through correspondence with the school. It seems like this is a sort of pre-waitlist along the lines of a hold category. What it essentially means is that they are holding on to our applications to see how many other 170+'s apply until the deadline. Once the deadline approaches they look to their admit pool, size it up, and determine if based on previous yield rates they should have admitted more applicants. If the answer at that point is yes they go to their "Interim Pended" list and begin to admit the necessary numbers to make up the deficit. Then once that is done I suspect the Interim Pending list becomes the wait-list and at that point follows normal waitlist procedures. However this is 100% conjecture so anyone who knows more about this or anything factual about this list or how it behaves please post.

Jules are you on their preferred waitlist?

I agree something is afoul with BC, I think they are going to be compelled to go to their waitlists a lot sooner than they might think. Nearly every BC acceptance on LSN is paired with an acceptance from a school of equal or greater prestige. Considering they give no money, do they expect by happenstance that those admitted will overlook the rankings and enroll at BC because of it's charm and good looks?

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