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Law School Admissions / Do I still have a chance
« on: April 12, 2017, 06:27:40 AM »
I am currently a undergrad senior with one more semester left at my undergrads college.Freshman year I took two courses Biology and Chemistry and failed,which landed me on academic probation.I wanted to retake at least my biology course but due to poor advisement from one of the school advisors,was told that I wouldn't be able to stay in school ,but found out I was able to stay in school but by then the BIO class was full.The weird thing was that when I went to another advisor ,the advisor ran into the room and trying to explain his mistake.The new advisor told me that I should take easy courses to get off of academic probation,so this semester that what I did (plus I wasn't able to take BiO).I am also scheduled to take the LSAT in June and if I do not like my grade, I plan to take it again September.

I wanted to ask two question
1)Does it make sense to apply to law school?
2)Should I reatke both the fail courses or at least one of them?
3)I heard about splitter friendly schools and I was wanted to know if that would apply to me ?
4)I wanted to know if there were things that I could to make myself look better for law school,personal letters,recommendations,etc.
5)Should I apply for a post bac

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