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Law School Admissions / Starting over after dropping out 20 years ago
« on: August 02, 2016, 05:20:16 PM »
Hi!  I'm considering re-applying to law school, after dropping out in my first semester, 20 years ago.  I'm wondering, first, how negatively will the withdrawal impact my chances for acceptance now, and secondly, how would a school that I had turned down back then, weigh that factor should I re-apply to them?

In 1996, I was graduating undergrad, with a 3.3 or so gpa, and had a 173 LSAT (97th percentile, I think the scale may have changed since).   I was accepted to a few different schools, including an offer of a Presidential Scholarship (full ride) at a smaller school, which I turned down.  (Yes, I was an idiot!). I accepted at a state school with only a small aid package, and not enough funds to live on.  I blew out halfway through first semester, due to personal drama and trying to work plus do school. 

Twenty years later, I still haven't lost my desire to practice law, and I am considering starting the application process again.  I feel confident I could repeat my LSAT performance, and I would now be hugely interested in the school that formerly offered me a full ride because they offer a satellite program in Alaska, where I want to live and practice. 

Anyway, any opinions or insights into how that school and any others would view my prior law school applications and very short semester?


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