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Choosing the Right Law School / UMass going anywhere?
« on: July 14, 2016, 04:44:28 AM »
So how long until Umass-dartmouth becomes a tier three, tier two law school. UC Irving rose way faster. I'm planning to go to umass-dartmouth in the JD/mpp program, and I got a 17,000 dollar scholarship to the JD. But right now, even when it's parent is University of Massachusetts, they aren't even ranked. The usnews considers them less then tier four. Which I don't know why. They are by the way a public interest law school. They have higher bar pass, higher employment, higher lsat scores than a lot of the TTTT's. Someone explain.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Charlotte School of Law vs. CUNY
« on: July 01, 2016, 12:51:42 AM »
Got offered a full ride at Charlotte.  Love the atmosphere there-- just enough city hustle, but still a lot of Southern charm.

No full ride at CUNY, but they're tuition is very low.  $23K for out of state and $14K for in-state, which I would qualify for after the first year.

I love the idea of NY (coming from DC) but am not sure if it's just all cooked up in my head.  Headed to visit this weekend.  My thought is that networking and job opportunities are better in NY, but I also believe that law school and life in general is what you make it.

Am I just having a really bad case of FOMO?  I should go to Charlotte but... I feel like I'd be missing out on NY.

Also I should add that the end goal for me is to practice public interest law for 5-7 years and start my own nonprofit providing athlete advocacy, particularly in sports where athletes are subject to repetitive head trauma.  Going to a top ranked school has never been my goal.  I want to get my law degree, build my network, and branch off on my own.

I wonder if you made up your mind. But remember. They both are crumby schools. If cuny was a T1, that gets you the 160,000 dollar starting scary, and the price remained low 20ks then is say go. But will only get 50,000. That debt is not worth it in the face of never having a dime. Like debt will make your life hell. Cuny will be 80-90k. Could buy two houses. Why give that up when you could get a free ride and never worry about it again.

People, who are looking for an attorney will presume T14 lawyers are better. Employers know this. So to ensure that people come to their firm over anyone else, they higher the highest T14ers they can. They probably know, the quality of their education is little better than tier four. But they don't care about that. They care about what will get clients in the door.

2.95 gpa. 146 credits. 3.3 for last two years. I have psi chi honors. LSAT practice was 149. The actual thing maybe just that. Degree in psychology and paralegal studies. I have a misdemeanor. I have been expelled from one university. I have an impressive personal statement. I have two LORs. Also is there a chance I could get a full scholarship at Charlotte law? Or Cooley?

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