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Law School Admissions / Teacher Portal - Virtual Para Inc.
« on: April 07, 2016, 04:19:41 AM »
Designed by teachers, for teachers: a Virtual Paraprofessional for the classroom that streamlines administrative work for teachers. Coming Spring 2016!

We have designed Virtual Para as a powerful classroom management tool set to help educators’ record grades and attendance and to organize their class lists and assignments, monitor attendance, and record behavior, amongst others. Recording student grades and activities is much simpler than ever with Virtual Para and is actually the trending wave for the future. With this system – teachers can now easily put their activities, assignments and grades in classifications and conveniently manage their classes in a more comfy and professional order. This is the best of interactive systems designed for keeping teachers on top of their students’ activities as well as being capable of including parents or alerting pupils for a better learning experience. At a touch of a button - Virtual Para simplifies the whole education system. For more information:

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