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Hey there,

I was just hoping to get some advice on a course of action that Im currently considering in light of a few new developments on my path towards law school. But first, some background info...

I sat for my first LSAT in June of 2014. I was vastly unprepared, my testing anxiety overwhelmed me, and I cancelled my score.

My second LSAT was in December of 2014 and again, my anxiety was a major hinderance beginning the night before...allowing me only five hours of sleep and a score of 157...10 points below my then average!

Because of various life circumstances beginning in January of this year, I moved far from home, paid off all undergrad debt, gained some experience as a receptionist at a law office, and am scheduled to retake this coming October.

The reason Im seeking advice is because although I quit my job in order to dedicate between 3-7 hours per day, everyday, towards studying for the past two months, Im still not seeing the score increase that is necessary for admittance into my target schools. Im almost 28 years old, graduated from UCSC about four or five years ago with a GPA of 2.9 (too involved with a girlfriend my last semester...regretful), and am shooting for Fordham, UCI, or UCD. Im nervous about the potential for a few application weakeners (including my age, limited valuable/applicable work experience, low UGPA, a cancelled score, a 157, and the fact that Im taking my third! LSAT so far after my last one).

Just wondering if any of these worries are valid? Im currently in the mid 160s range and according to the LSAT Calculator, Id need at least a 167 to have a 50% chance of acceptance into my target schools, and a 169 to have a 75% chance. I don't know if my confidence is high enough to assume that Id gain the ability to maintain at least a 167 on every PT between now and October (three weeks).

Any and all advice is sincerely appreciated!

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