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« on: October 21, 2004, 11:10:23 PM »
I would really appreciate if people could give some feeback about my situation.  This is long, so I apologize. I would really like to go to the University of Minnesota.  The problem is my numbers are low for this school, specifically my GPA.

Their numbers: 166/160 and 3.81/3.48
My number: 163 and 3.07

I'm hoping they'll consider other aspects also.  I was homeschooled from third grade on.  After first two years, I started almost exclusively teaching myself.  I'm the oldest of ten kids and parents didn't have the time (or the desire) to help me. They decided to homeschool while attending a crazy cult-like church where women weren't allowed wear pants, no one was allowed to have a T.V. and "spare the rod, spoil the child" was gospel. At 16, I started at the U of MN part-time. I did fairly well (3.33), considering I had never written an essay before, let alone a college level one.  My second year, I was going to school full-time, working part-time and playing the role of second mother.  My mom doesn't have a driver's license, so all driving was done by me.  I decided I couldn't keep up with it all and told my parents.  The said I could quit school or keep things the same.  My parents don't believe in women working outside the home and thought me getting a degree was a waste.  They wouldn't help me and so I decided to leave home.  I worked almost full-time for the next 2 years, lowering my GPA to 2.98.  My senior year GPA was a 3.6, due to the financial support of my husnband (I cut my hours to 20). This only raised my GPA to 3.1.  Also, I was a biochemistry major and child psychology minor.  This difficult major did not help my GPA. 

Is this enough of an explanation for my GPA?  Could I make leaving home at a young age my ps topic? I was thinking of writing an addendum addressing why my GPA doesn't reflect my abilities or intellect.

Also, my dad is an alcoholic and my mom has horrible anger problems.  She was extremely emotionally, and sometimes physically abusive growing up.  My parents have a love-hate relationship with each other and loved to share it with us kids over the years. I hate talking about it, and don't really know if I should address this in my ps.  I don't want to be too negative or sound like a victim.  I am a very positive person, and try to focus on the good things I learned from my parents.


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