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Studying for the LSAT / HELP:(
« on: May 10, 2015, 03:32:32 AM »
Alright, I need strong advice about my LSAT studying. I am planning to take the June LSAT and I have been studying since February. I will be honest, I have not been putting in my MAX effort since I am still doing normal coursework and in junior year in undergrad (I guess that is my excuse). Despite my studying, I have seen no improvement in my score and I am getting more and more desperate to see results.

I guess I have to start with my embarrassing first score. The very first practice test I took was a 141. The second was a 148 (taken a week later and with at least a gist of the questions), so I guess this made me think that the LSAT would not be terrible. But every since then, I have barely crawled out of 148 and into 154. I'm going crazy here. What is you best advice? I know, it is highly unlikely that I get above 160 (even with a 160, I would take the test again for a better score). But I don't know what to do to ramp up my score while managing my finals (this and next week).

PLEASEEEEEE help me out here with any relevant advice!

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