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Online Law Schools / Re: Graduation
« on: May 26, 2015, 12:09:47 PM »
No joke. Its unaccredited and not accepted by ANY state bar. In some states its ILLEGAL to even put it on a job application! (you can go to JAIL!!!!!)

 I am not sure how it used to be but they require you to be admitted plus the score now for all of those states. South Dakota 150, Minnesota 145, DC 133, and Nebraska lets some limited other states do it but not sure of the score required. I want to say PR is one too, but not 100% on it.

I think my prof was honestly just confused, but it sucked since he was giving LIFE AND CAREER ADVICE to people who lived in those areas and were moving back post graduation. You'd think a law prof/retired military would check............  ???

True, but its not just automatic right?
Some states let you waive in that way too. I know North Dakota and Montana come to mind without an exam if its within two years and a decent MBE score.

But I mean just straight up, you are ok somewhere else you can show up do whatever with no extra steps. That is how the Prof made it sound. He is ex military so I think he is confused and thinking of how JAG works on military bases and similar territories like our beachhead in cuba or on an embassy or navy vessel or whatever.

I heard a Prof say that people who go to places like Guam, but who are licensed in any other US location, can automatically practice there without sitting the local bar exam. Is this true? I am 99% sure it isn't for DC (which is also a federal territory). Anyone know for sure?

Michigan used to before 2009. Do any still exist that anyone knows of?

General Off-Topic Board / Waiting on bar results
« on: April 30, 2015, 05:35:31 PM »
I saw some posters on here talking about waiting on bar results. Which states? First time taking?
I am waiting on my results from Michigan. I took it in July and failed by 1 point (literally one point) and am now waiting on my retake scores.
Misery lovers company guys/gals so lets all take a shout out and then play the waiting game together shall we?

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