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Perfect troll logic.

Claim: law schools totally have majors.

Obvious reality: no, they don't.

Troll response: well, uh, where's the links to the law schools showing they aren't offering what they aren't offering!

In other news, law schools don't offer concentrations in watermelon law. Kinda hard to post that link, because ... wait for it ... it doesn't exist. Like a law school major.


If some dope told me that he majored in crim law, or con law, or whatever, I would literally toss his resume in the trash and tell him to take a hike.

So, French Fries/Tree whatever your name is, where is YOUR link showing a law school that offers majors?
you have it in the wrong order you reading comp Einstein

It was to a specific major.......f-ing hell.........


lets just say that loki didn't cite his sources for a reason

I didn't need to cite sources because it's self-evident to (1) any attorney, (2) anyone in law school, and (3) any one that has a passing familiarity with higher education. It's a /facepalm along the lines of asking, "What was your major in medical school?" You get an M.D., and then you get a residency in a certain area. Well, in law school, you get a J.D. Full stop.

There are schools that like to offer "concentrations" or "specialties" in certain areas. If you do certain required courses (and/or clinics) you can get a nice, wonderful, piece of paper that has no relevance whatsoever. It's not a major. It's the school saying, "Yep, he took some environmental law courses." If you write that you have a "major" in law school on your resume, you will quickly get it discarded.

Once you get your J.D, you could get a Master of Laws (a further graduate degree) in a particular subject. You know- L.L.M in taxation. Finally, you can get a doctorate in law. But "majors" is an undergraduate concept.

That said, given your responses for some time, I have to assume you only troll on legal subjects.
All I saw was some valley girl attitude rant followed by off topic irrelevant rants about LLMs and the like........still no links to actual majors in the fields expected.

Hello I need help! I want to go into either child advocacy law or criminal law and I want to know if anyone knows of any good schools with great programs for either of these majors? :o

1. There are no "majors" in law school. Just a JD.

2. Any school will teach you enough to go into child advocacy law or criminal law.

3. Do not believe the self-rankings of schools regarding their programs; with a very few exceptions (such as tax law, which you need an LLM for anyway) it doesn't matter at all. Certainly not for those areas.

4. Go to the school the you like, that is the least expensive, in the geographic area that you believe you will practice.

Finally, good luck. Those are two fields that I could never practice in. It's not the law - it's the facts, if you know what I mean.

Not true, MANY have majors as options, and without question concentrations on the rest, and different quality of clinics for options (if any at all in those specific areas)

Can you name a couple?
lets just say that loki didn't cite his sources for a reason

Two Words come to mind....Jose Boy.........

I know you are thinking "I was deployed all was well" (and it likely was)
but you were bringing home a livable wage and other benefits

you will be barely keeping your head above water, so you wont be a "provider" (that dynamic change is huger than you currently realize), the strain on her support system will over 3-4 years become more than expected, she will eventually believe she is carrying YOU.............

I honestly wouldn't do this if she wont move with you. Its not a good sign.

Online Law Schools / Re: Novus University School of Law
« on: January 19, 2017, 05:53:36 PM »
How does Novus have an edu website?
Does the govt not screen this stuff at all?
If I go to can I get one for $10 in as many minutes or less?

Law School Admissions / Re: Will i get in
« on: January 19, 2017, 12:11:33 PM »
Geographical Convenience is a factor, but a potential trap as well.
Most don't "really" know where they want to spend their lives, and many (if not most) of those who THINK they do would still trade that in for an improved enough situation in life (job satisfaction, wages, etc) or their minds may change as they grow older. (not to even get into "socio-economic demographic changes".....ask former Flint Parents who got tired of their kids getting stabbed in former "nice" neighborhoods)

Its just given too much weight by some is my point. Unless its a non ABA school, it doesn't really matter.

Law School Admissions / Re: Will i get in
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:12:11 PM »
I think one point higher is a full scholarships at T4 schools.

Not trying to be "that guy" but if your wife lives in another town you are likely to either fail or lose wife, most likely both.

I wouldn't do this at all.

". She has a good job as a teacher there and has a support network of family and friends to help her while I spend my time studying"

Does your family not plan to move with you? Does SHE plan to commute the 3 plus hours? Or do you plan to not use the support structure and ask her to quit the job?

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