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LA has a great bus system... That said, LA is definitely a car city.

And don't stress too much.

I don't stress about the test at all. However, the score is the separate issue:)

Also, somewhat off-topic, if you don't mind. Internet is filled with remarks that it's close to impossible to have a distinct life in LA without a car. But you see some greatness in its bus system. What do you mean by "great?" (you can insert other web links if don't want to waste your time on explanations).

Need your advice.
I'll be moving to CA, and I'll need to register for LSAT before actually getting there. I'll end up somewhere in Los Angeles / Santa Monica / Long Beach area.
Could you advise me which test places/centers of that area are better? The only two criteria to keep in mind are ample personal space in an airy room and easy morning access by public transportation (basically, the second condition is not as important as the first one, since I can use taxi; however, if it's within 5-10 minute walk from a stop, it's better than a taxi)

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