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Job Search / Re: Re: Testing Period
« on: January 29, 2016, 12:24:30 AM »
I guess? I know a probationary period is just where you're new and they want to judge you and you better not be an idiot or hard to get along and if you learn what you're trained and are willing to improve, you'll be okay. But they called it a testing period so wasn't sure if that's a different thing with higher standards?

And as a law student. Like serving as a law clerk/intern type position. They will train me right? Or are they expecting me to be able to draft up things like I know what I'm doing already? My classes sure have not prepared me to draft anything. Other than our basic memo and moot court brief.

They didn't ask me much about anything like that during the interview. It was a fairly short interview and just some basic questions. They didn't even ask me about my course work or brief or writing sample. But they did mention they're working on typical litigation type stuff as well as transactional contract stuff like contracts, settlements, motions, discovery, etc.

So what happens if the experience ends up like the one your wife had? Should I leave then? As a practicing attorney, would you say I should stay a minimum amount of time before I can consider leaving if it's a bad experience? And what if a better opportunity comes by? Is it rude or inappropriate to leave before a certain time? And how do you leave without burning that bridge? The Bay Area legal community feels super tight knit so I wouldn't want to acquire any bad reputation before I'm even done with law school.

Are there books or things I can get to better prepare myself for performing these more basic lawyer tasks?

Any advice for starting a law clerk job at a firm is appreciated! :) Just a smidge nervous to be starting a new position with a local SF firm.

Job Search / Re: Testing Period
« on: January 28, 2016, 03:41:15 PM »
Hi all,

What's a testing period at a law firm? What should I expect to be able to perform and what should I expect to be trained on? Like do I need to be able to draft motions and stuff already before starting? Or will they teach me everything they expect me to do? As you all know, the law school courses are all substantive knowledge and very little practical drafting...

Thanks for your help!

Job Search / Re: 2L Summer & Post-Grad Employment Search & Alternatives
« on: January 25, 2016, 10:40:10 PM »
That's a fair point on graduating early and its flaws. Incidentally, I did take two summer classes in 1L summer but that was so I can have room to do clinics in 3L year. It never occurred to me to graduate early.

Job Search / Re: 2L Summer & Post-Grad Employment Search & Alternatives
« on: January 25, 2016, 10:38:59 PM »
Hi Citylaw,

Absolutely. I am definitely freaking out and to a much larger scale than I would have ever thought. If we went back a year or two ago,  I would have bet that I would never freak out like this. But here I am freaking out. I'm reaching out to local firms and seeing if I can get some experience for sure, but its reassuring to know that jobs will come down the road.

I would love to play! But important question is, do I have to be any good or are the teams more for fun? I definitely play hard, but my shooting is pretty bad. More of a defense player. I can definitely talk to people and see if there is a Hastings team interested in playing. In case there isn't, do you guys take pick up players?

And yea the Hastings gym is not pretty. How's the USF gym? I haven't been up there.

Job Search / Re: 2L Summer & Post-Grad Employment Search & Alternatives
« on: January 20, 2016, 11:18:18 PM »
Yea I'm not at Berkeley or Stanford. (Wish I was). I'm at UC Hastings. So certainly not a Berkeley or Stanford but better than a GGU?

I would honestly be very happy to work at a midsized or small firm in the suburbs like Walnut Creek, Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, etc. Such nice areas especially Walnut Creek. I used to work in Walnut Creek. Do you know of any looking to hire or recommend any firms that you would recommend I reach out to?

For the resume drops, would you recommend calling them first? Or just showing up and dropping off a resume? Like will the receptionist actually pass the resume on? And do people still print on the nicer paper for resume or is that viewed as pompous these days?

I've been meaning to ask about legal experience. Does it need to be relevant? Like if I take a position at a family law firm for example, but let's say I want to do corporate or business law in the long run and be in-house down the road. Will it look odd on the resume? Will it box me into family law or whatever area of law I intern for?

And with regards to connections, I think you're right. I can definitely see how I and others could have benefited by working a few years full time prior to law school. But that example definitely helps! I appreciate that.

I've been trying to trim my resume and work on my cover letter but the feedback from the career center is just one perspective. Do you recommend any professional services to seek out?


Job Search / Re: 2L Summer & Post-Grad Employment Search & Alternatives
« on: January 19, 2016, 06:08:13 PM »
To Loki13 -

Thanks for your input and time too! I'm a worrier as some of you may have noticed already. Sorry to hear you got screwed by a potential employer, but its awesome that your situation worked out for the better!

But yea my worry is that I feel like I'm sending out tons of resumes with little reply and no connections to tap that I can think of. But then again, its likely that I've overlooked some connection to reach out on.

I appreciate the direct answer on another degree though. I'll check with some of my professors for sure, but any advice on how to approach that conversation? I know we're supposed to pursue an area of law we're interested in but I'm open to any area at this point so do I express interest only in the field my professor taught me in? Or do I make it more open ended?

Speaking of resumes and cover letters, aside from career office, any other resources or editors you guys recommend going to?

Thanks again! Really appreciate you guys helping me with this.


Job Search / Re: 2L Summer & Post-Grad Employment Search & Alternatives
« on: January 19, 2016, 06:00:06 PM »
To Maintain FL 350 -

Thanks! I sure wish the employers respected my GPA too..

So to share a little about my background, I'm located in the Bay Area (San Francisco Bay Area - so think anywhere from Concord to Oakland to SF to Palo Alto) I'm willing to move within California but ideally stay in the Bay Area as I have a house here. Honestly at this point, salary requirement is up in the air. I really want a job that would put me near 80-90 K (yes I realize I might be daring to dream). In a perfect world, 100,000 (highly unlikely I realize). But realistically 60-70k to start would be nice? Too much to ask?

So yea I worked throughout undergrad and came straight to law school but due to special circumstances, I've been heavily involved in the family finances for years to the point where I am the bulk if not borderline all income. I've been doing the send a million resumes out, but having a hard time scoring for sure. You mentioned making connections but do you have suggestions on where to go and how to approach the topic? It seems to blunt to be like "Hi, "chit chat chit chat" By the way, I'm really looking for a position, heard of any?". I'm never quite sure how to make that turn in the conversation with new networked connections. Like with people I know, I mentioned I'm still searching for a position and with a few I even asked if they would let me know if they heard of any open positions but no results yet. I used to work in Business and Finance before going into Accounting. 

And yea I'm all about flexibility as long as I can make ends meet financially. (I know that is a big road block on its own). I mentioned in-house and sports management positions as an attempt to think of alternatives since the job search isn't going smoothly.

I did a summer internship with the DOJ last summer as a 1L but I can't afford to take time off work to do full blown summer unpaid internships. I've been thinking about doing a clinic instead? Since it can count as a class? Worth it? Not worth it?

Do you know anything about the IBR repayments? Is it easy to get a low minimum payment through that program?

And thanks again for taking the time to help me think this through. I'm definitely staying on top of my studies in the meantime, but this stuff is slowly getting to me lol.


Job Search / 2L Summer & Post-Grad Employment Search & Alternatives
« on: January 19, 2016, 01:54:14 AM »
Hello my Law School Discussion community members,

For those of you who have helped me in the past, I am happy to say I did better grade wise last semester. Got a 3.25 for the term, but only bumped my 2.9 up to a 3.03.

But I come to you all with another concern. I am now in my Spring Term of 2L year. I passed the MPRE and participated in OCI in the Fall, but yielded nothing more than a small handful of callbacks. I haven't been able to secure any part-time law clerk positions either. I am wondering if you all have advice for me on where I can find or search for jobs like part-time law clerks, summer associate positions at in-house or firms, etc. I'm worried that I'll be unemployed upon graduation which is a problem for me as I have family finances that I'm responsible for. This line of thinking has triggered me into thinking about alternatives upon graduation if I can't secure a law firm or in-house legal position.

Anyone have suggestions on alternatives or other degrees to pursue to supplement the law degree so that I can be marketable to the business world, sports management, or other fields in case I can't find a law firm or in-house legal position?

Sorry about the long post, and thanks in advance for all serious and thoughtful replies.

Good point, I'll keep that in mind. Hopefully DOJ will use me then since they're understaffed and paying me a smidge. :)

Thanks on the other post too! It was super helpful. I sincerely mean that.

Current Law Students / Re: Stay or leave?
« on: June 05, 2015, 02:26:11 PM »
Hey Groundhog, MaintainFL, Miami88, and Citylaw,

Thanks for your posts! I'm gonna reply in one post so I don't create multiple posts.

Groundhog - I think my school's curve is a 3.0. And we're supposed to get class ranks later this summer. So in terms of class rank, if I'm not in top half of class, does that signal a big problem to employers in your opinion? I know its a problem for big law, but employment outside of big law? I'm at a well respected regional school in California I think? 

MaintainFL - My GPA is really the only reason I may consider dropping plus the fact that I would lose a 10k scholarship. I admittedly would still have a 20K scholarship going into the next year even with the 10k loss. Naturally I would have liked BigLaw for at least a couple of years, but I've always envisioned myself long term as more of in-house, medium firm, or smaller firm and in that preference order, but I'm new to the field so I'm very open minded about employment opportunities. I just want a career where I will help people and make a difference and do something meaningful. As far as employment location goes, I'm staying where the school is as its in California and not in a middle of nowhere place so there's no real reason for me to leave this area.

And thanks, I appreciate the perspective. I am feeling bad about my grades and its gnawing away at me mentally. I'm trying to re calibrate my goals and expectations as you said and part of my struggle is I'm not sure how to go about finding jobs at smaller or mid-sized firms since they don't seem to come to OCI or post on the school job board or at least not very often. Do you have suggestions on how to approach them and find them for both 2L summer position and post grad employment?

You're correct, C's have become the symbol of doom these days and even Bs at undergraduate programs and its almost expected that everyone has an A in order to be viewed as good. Which leaves the question of what on Earth is excellent at undergraduate programs these days... And what kind of class rank would you say is bad even for small or medium firms?

Miami88 - Thanks! I think part of all this is that I'm associating my law school grades with my intelligence and self-worth. I've always been a good student and graduated my undergrad top 3% so I guess I'm just having a hard time swallowing these law school grades. But the point you make about JDs being highly regarded is a nice bonus point to help me think things over. Thanks!

Citylaw - My expectations from law school is that I pass the Bar Exam and have a good career in which I can do meaningful work and help people while also making a good living to provide for myself and my aging parents. (I'm early twenties so I don't have a family of my own to worry about)

Haha I like your NBA comparisons and its a great point. I actually wouldn't want a Federal Clerkship (not being sour grapes), but I would have liked Big Law but I know that's likely beyond my reach. And yes you are correct, I'm a t a mid-ranked school and will likely graduate middle of my class at this point unless I miraculously turn it around. You are correct, I went straight from undergrad to law school. I've been working full time these past 5 years so I know I'm not a special little butterfly (haha) but I wasn't quite prepared to not do well enough to have an A on my transcript in the entire first year. But I absolutely see your point.

Thanks again City! I appreciate the perspective and need to realize that not being at the top doesn't mean its the end of the world and that I should keep plugging.

You guys are awesome! Why isn't this website more or at least equally popular than TLS?

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