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Thanks everyone for the great advice,

I really appreciate it.I would agree that the Tier 4 choice may not be so bad after all and with my LSAT score I will apply to a few higher "ranked" schools in my local area as well. I think attending part time is a perfect idea for three reasons: financial, having a family and work experience. I know it won't be easy but this is what I want to do.  Scholarships are great, tuition remission is also a possibility that I am looking into.

Everything has been resolved. I think it was the initial period of really seeing where the kids were at emotionally and with their education. They've done a complete 180 which I'm really proud of and they are fantastic kids. I know this will be harder than anything I have ever done and I'm trying to make sure that I am going to take my time this time and make the best decisions for me and my family.

Again, I really appreciate all the great feedback.

Thanks for your response. To touch on the "elephant in the room" he will be retiring early next year. I will be sending my applications around this time so I do not see much of an issue.  To be honest I couldn't see myself having to retake the bar in a different location every time we had to move with new orders. That would be crazy ! :)

Thanks for your response.


Thanks for your response. 165 is my legit score. Your response makes me feel better. I am new to this so forgive me but after reading a few sites, I was under the impression I needed to have as close to a 180 as humanly possible with my GPA. I have to stay local because of my kids and my husband's orders so I only have very limited options for school. I think with a lower 2 GPA the numbers would move faster than if I was closer to a 4.0. All the work I would do would be prior to obtaining my first undergraduate degree. In all fairness, anything that is upward from where my current GPA is would be great. I would just prefer to get undergrad done and move on to the next chapter as quickly as possible.

Hi all,

I am new to this site but as you can see from the title above I have questions regarding attending a 4 tier law school next fall or doing an additional year of college to raise my GPA. I am an older (early 30s) student who is a military spouse and mother. I have taken the LSAT once and scored 165 however my GPA is currently in the lower 2's. I know everyone is going to say "Well you are not fit with those grades" however I'd like to explain. To make a long story short my husband and I gained full custody of his children from his first marriage. When I say I was not ready for that responsibility I mean that. I really didn't comprehend how emotionally fragile the kids were and how much time and energy that was required to get them to a place of normal functioning .This was especially true having a husband who was literally sent on deployment less than a month after we got custody. For a year and a half I went through depression and an emotional breakdown. I shouldn't have taken classes at that time but I was so caught up on trying to finish school before I turned the BIG 30 that I grew impatient and piled too many things on my plate.

My first question is now that I am back on track and my GPA is slowly rising, should I take my last 8 classes, graduate next summer and then apply to a low ranked law school. Or, should I add a minor to raise my GPA, retake my LSAT and apply to a mid ranked school?

My second question is does attending any tier of law school matter if the ultimate goal is to work for self and obtain an LLM in Taxation ?

Side note - I have a background in the field so this is not a pipe dream for me.

Thanks for all responses. I really appreciate it.

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