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I'm familiar with those schools, they're among the oldest and best established distance learning programs.
If you plan to remain in NY/NJ you could look at CUNY, NYLS, Touro, St. John's, maybe Seton Hall and Rutgers. As a splitter, you might want to apply to lots of schools and just see what happens. Like I said before, it's harder to predict.

Good Luck!

Thank you Maintain. I appreciate all of your words.


Thank you for your response. No offense taken. I actually attend Excelsior College in New York. It's a Regionally Accred school that let's you test out of most of your degree requirements. Very similar to Thomas Edison State College in NJ and Charter Oak State College in CT. These schools are called the "Big 3". They all offer solid online programs.

I'd like to think that I have a great deal of self-discipline when I want/need to as a majority of my degree is from self-taught coursework.

Your GPA is why I tell freshman who want to go to lawschool to NOT take hard classes like psych but blow off liberal arts junk to keep a 4.0
That GPA is still a FULL SCHOLARSHIP at places like Cooley, but likely the GPA would keep you out of anything beyond state law schools.

Thank you NM. The F's weren't in any Psych related class, I actually perform very well in these classes. They were in Anatomy & Physio W/Lab...had to drop out due to multiple deaths in Family.

Law School Admissions / URM 2.12 Gpa Psych Major and 165 Lsat Chances
« on: August 14, 2014, 04:23:31 PM »
Hello, first I'd like to thank everyone for your answers in advance. I'm currently a non-traditional Hispanic senior that is 28 years old. I've tested out of most of the requirements for my Psychology degree by taking CLEP exams and other CBE's (credit by exam) thus the low GPA coupled with 2 F's from 9 years ago. I've only completed 6 classes that I received a letter grade for, this is the only reason I have a low GPA (which maybe I can explain in my PS). The rest of my classes are ALL pass/fail.

I have one last semester left so I can take a few more classes (my degree cannot endure many more) but it's not going to drastically improve my gpa. I've scored a 165 in the lsat. I'm not interested in going to top tier school, because, in all honesty I'm purely interested in going into private practice. I already have a good friend that will give me an internship at his law firm to gain experience before I go out on my own.

I've been a private business owner for the last 7 years and currently own 2 businesses. In my first business I'm a bail bondsman (we're very professional by the way) and have a great deal of hours in court observation and dealing with the criminal system from the Jail to Attorney's (private, PD and SAO), to Judges. I'm ready to give up the bail bonds business completely and sell. In my other business I own a private investment firm with a few employees.

My question is, what are my chances at getting accepted to several programs (do not have to be top tier) with my current GPA, Lsat, strong LOR's, great PS and work experience?

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