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gift cards are fine for friends and family.  i suggest the americna express gift card b/c it can be used anywhere unlike store specific cards.  i don't know about u, but i always remember what i did with my gift card and who gave it to me.

come on guy.  i am not trying to get people to feel sorry for me.  that doesn't make sense anyway.  i was being sincere. 

gifts are not necessary in my opinion.  a simple thank u card is an appropriate way of thanking a person that wrote an LOR.  if u go beyond that cool. if u stick with a card ur in good shape also.  speaking of which i think i forgot to mail thank u cards.  i suck.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Valpo help...just accepted
« on: December 01, 2004, 12:55:41 PM »
i understand.


again, i apologize for stirring the thread in this direction.

as far as my typing skills, if it wasn't so widely used by others on the board i would consider changing but for now i will continue to type u, ur, b/c.  however i will type out you're from now on.  or at least try.

thanks for the suggestion.

It is clear that you're biased towards Cooley because it's your only option.  Quit following up my posts--it adds visual clutter while people are trying to read meaningful posts.

P.S. Here's a glean of insight: I don't really care about whether these people take my posts seriously, and everytime you drone on for six paragraphs about why you don't like them, I'm laughing my ass off knowing that you're never going to get that 15 minutes back.  Way to go.

i am sorry if i offended u b/c that was not my intention.  however, the persoanl attacks are not necessary.  it doesn't really matter to me if someone goes to tier 1, 2, 3, 4 as long as they are happy with their choice.  thats the most important thing guy.  a person has to do what is best for him or her.  as far as cooley, i didn't apply there.  however, i did apply to howard, depaul, and NIU because those were right for me based on factors beyond my scores.

once again, good luck with law school.  (not being sarcastic)


Since the Spring Quarter people tend to have lower overall median numbers (156 - 159 LSAT and 3.5 - 3.7 GPA) versus Fall (159 - 164 LSAT and 3.75 - 3.97 GPA) would it help me at all to be in a class that has "lower" averages as it may improve my grades since the professors will be grading my work in comparison to theirs versus the "higher bar" Fall class?

so i was all set to say go for it until i got to this paragraph.  if u r going thinking u will be smarter than those "lower" people then u should just wait.  thats the wrong reason to start.  u automatically assume that b/c someone has a lower lsat u will surely do better than they will.  sorry to tell u, but u r mistaken.  ur perception of things is kinda skewed.  don't under estimate those "lower" people b/c they will be th ones to surprise u.  while ur thinking u will out smart them they will be the ones pulling the As and making law review.  

ur post comes off seemign as if u r insecure with ur abilities to be successful with the "higher bar" group.  i have encountered a lot of people like u.  instead of raising to the challenge and working hard to be the best they would rather drop to a "lower level"  thinking it would be easier.  its an ego thing and a clear sign of insecurity.  

at any rate, good luck with ur decision.  i truly wish u the best.  (and i am not being sarcastic.

Law School Admissions / Re: What about this situation?
« on: December 01, 2004, 11:50:32 AM »
each school is different and the best way is to get in touch with the school.  only they can give u a somewhat reliable answer.  anything i can give u is just speculation.  based on things i have heard about some schools.

again this is ur opinion based on sitting in on 4 classes and not all at the same school.  for all u know the class right after the one u sat in on at ND could have had the same off the wall opinions as the tier 4 had.  it is clear u are bias and favor "top" schools which is fine.  my problem is when u post ur opinions based on inaccurate and incomplete data and make make comments that a "mildly retarded orangutang could hypothesize."  how about trying to be objective when people post real questions seeking advice? 

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Valpo help...just accepted
« on: December 01, 2004, 11:37:39 AM »
if u didn't want to go there then why apply in the first place?  true its free, but just b/c something is free doesn't mean u should do it.

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