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Law School Admissions / Re: When you are a lawyer and have $$$...
« on: October 18, 2004, 10:08:43 AM »
if u hate the way people tip and don't really like ur job, maybe you should get a new one and stop complaining.  right now there are people that would kill for a job and people are btiching b/c they don't get the tip the think the deserve.  if u don't like waiting tables go work at the gap.  there u will get at least minimum wage pluse a kick ass discount and you don't have to work that hard.

everyone talks about people not tipping.  have u ever thought that the person that didn't leave a tip is a student like you that barely had enough for a meal but wanted to do something nice for him/herself?  i am not trying justify people not tipping, but its not fair to labled all non-tippers as cheap.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Chicago Kent?
« on: October 18, 2004, 09:24:45 AM »
all the people i know that went there really like. 

I would have to disagree.  Ii seems very clear.  The letter is confidential in regards to the LSDAS and its handling of it.  You can not get the letter from them.  However, if you read further it says you can have access to the letter is you...

1.  don't waive your rights
2.  your scholl keeps them on file
3.  u are admitted to and enroll in that school.

but honestly, if u got into the school do u really care about the LOR at that point?

my LORs tend to follow the same format.   they start off by explaining how the writer knows me and in what capacity we have worked togethe and for how long.  then the go into how impressed they were with my work.  after that we geting to all the great qualities i have and how i would be a bennefit to or successful in whatever.  finally they end by offer the chance for the reader to get additional information.

how about u let the LSAC people now they spelled them wrong?  i'm sure it can be  corrected.

I ask all the time and have never had problems getting coppies.  I basically just tell them i want to keep a copy in my personal files for whatever reason.  they usually understand that I am just trying to tae precautions. also, they have always let me review the letters b4 they sent them in.

a word of advice though, don't sound like you don't trust them when u ask.  they will probably get pissed off.

just some info on waiving ur right to view ur LOR.  If u sign that form u give up ur right to see the letter and can't ever see it..  if u don't, u can see the letter if u r accepted to and attend the school that has it.

i have been lucky b/c i have been able to see all my letters.  I had such a good relationship with the writers that they wanted to make sure i was satisfied with their letters.  ironically, i was never worried about a bad LOR b/c i picked my professors wisely and had full confidence in them.  why?  becaus i had a great relationship with them.

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