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Personal Statement options are killing me.  Should I go for:
a) really sucked at activity, made fun of..showed major improvement earned respect..lessons learned
b) cliche-jr year at oxford..either I address the ways the brits responded to bush's visit to london and how this changed my worldview (still deciding if it actually did, so probably unconvincing) or discuss the bearings of my courses (phil of law and polit. phil) on my professional goals
c) during mothers nasty divource, she made her attorney choice based on gender b/c of comfortability with private issues.  this makes me want to practice...
d) or should i discussion my passion for certain world event, and explain how with a law degree i could "change the world"..ok i know this is generally something to steer very clear of, but im very very desperate.

or does anybody have any websites that give ps help..options and ideas


Law School Admissions / Re: Is there anyone from the South
« on: October 12, 2004, 07:44:55 PM »
Oh yeah I'm from Auburn!  Applying to southern schools as well: Cumberland, Alabama, Emory, UGA etc.

I asked my profs to write my letters (on the specific LSDAS form) months ago, with a send-in deadline of Oct. 1.  MY LSAC profile is still not showing my this normal?? how long will it take?
Thanks! ;D

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