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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Crazy Question here........
« on: October 12, 2004, 12:14:52 PM »
everything i have read says that the lsat and your gpa are going to show the adcomms how well you are going to do in law school - and that the ps is more to get a sense of the story of the individual behind the numbers. so it is interesting to me to read about making sure to focus on the why i want to be a lawyer aspect of it.

so back to the original question about the picture in the essay about giving up a child for adoption...

in my VERY humble opinion, i think adcomms are looking for prospective students whose beliefs and experiences cover a wide spectrum, and not necessarily people who agree with their own moral or political belief systems. i imagine that they look for someone who can show a thoughtful decision making process that relies on a combination of core philosophical belief and rational argument.

the subject matter of giving up a child for adoption could definitely show your individual belief systems, which. if not preachy or moralizing (which it doesn't sound like it would be based on your posts) would give them a strong sense of an critical formative event in your life and a view of how you handled, and continue handling its repercussions. having to make difficult choices, by their nature, show that you have an ability to see both sides of an argument, since if you only saw one side...the choice would be easy, wouldn't it?

i imagine too that you are drawing a clear connection between that event, who you are today, and who you are working to become (of which your future law school education is a part).

oh. and no on the picture. in any application, not just yours. words are a lawyer's first tool, so use 'em and wow 'em.

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